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Thirukkural-On Wealth-Avoidance Of Faults-Kural-438
Patrullam ennum ivaranmai etrullumEnnap paduvathon ranru.Avarice, which is the denial of all charitable inclinations in man,Is not just vice; it is the worst.V V S Iyer would say:“Close-fisted parsimony is not a vice to be classed with other vices; it formeth ...

Causeless Love
All human beings are born as loving beings. A newborn baby radiates causeless love. Does she know anyone around her at birth? No! Her energy is causeless love. As we grow, society instills fear and greed in us and we orient ...
Thirukkural-On Wealth-Avoidance Of Faults-Kural-432
Ivaralum maanpirandha maanamum maanaaUvakaiyum aedham iraikkuParsimony born out of greed, selfish pride and excessive pleasure seeking,All three are faults in a prince.The term, concerning which there is difference of opinion in translation and interpretation is 'Ivaral' My translation of this word ...
From Possessive Love To Causeless Love
The big problem is that you never sit in a relaxed way. Either you are driven by greed, meaning you are in a hurry to say or do something, or you don’t know what you are doing and so you are ...
Create Causeless Relationships With Love
I always tell people, ‘Do some work for half hour everyday that does not bring you money or name and fame. Just for half an hour, go to some temple or church, clean and sweep the floor, offer some service. Don’t ...
Causeless Relationships Love Energy
Thirukkural-On Virtue-True Knowledge-Kural 360
Kaamam vekuli mayakkam ivaimoonranNaamam kedak kedum noyOnce the triple evils of lust, anger and delusion are eliminated,All sorrow will come to an end.All pain and sorrow will end if the three-fold evil-attachments of lust, anger and delusion are done away with. ...
Human Heart, The Empty Bowl
The human heart knows no content.A short story illustrates the truth of discontentment of the human heart. In the olden days it was a honour to respect sadhus. One morning a sadhu (renunciate) reached the gates ...
Human Heart Short Story Love God Greed
Comparison Breeds Greed
Another small story: Chanda Basu was found crying at the doorstep of his house. His friend asked him what the matter was. He said, "My grand aunt has died leaving all her wealth to me." ...
Losing Fear And Conquering Greed
I have talked about spirituality and religion earlier. Spirituality is about liberation, whereas religion, as it is understood and practiced, is about control. At the lowest level religions tend to control through ignorance and blind belief. They do not wish to ...
Fear Greed
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