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Satyanarayan Puja May 2022 Date: Know All The Four Vrat Kathas Assosiated With This Day

Satyanarayana vrat is a hugely popular vrat that is performed in most Indian households. It includes the simplest rituals. Although It can be performed any day Purnima and Ekadashi tithi are especially potent days to perform this vrata.

Satya Narayan Vrat is performed on the Poornima tithi of every month in the evening time. Devotees fast from the current day's sunrise to the next day's sunrise. Let us know in detail, the Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi, Ritauls, and Vrat Katha for Satyanarayana Puja in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Satyanarayana Puja May 2022: Date And Shubh Muhurat

The Satyanarayan Pooja can be performed on 16 May 2022. The Vaishakha, Shukla Purnima will begin at 12:45 on 15 May and will end at 09:43 on 16 May.

Satyanarayan Puja 2022: Vrat Puja Vidhi

The Satyanarayana Puja is dedicated to Lord Satya Narayana, who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The puja method is very simple and can be done by Just placing a photo of lord Satyanarayana and offering fruits and flowers. Puja must conclude with vrat katha and karpoor arati to God. While the first portion of prasasd is distributed to the guests, the second portion of prasad is offered to pancha loka palaka, navagrahas, and eight dikpalakas. This is the specialty of the Satyanarayana puja, after which the lord is invoked with offerings.

On the day of Satyanarayan Puja, get up early in the morning and take a bath. Prepare a mandala inside which place the image of Ganesha and Satyanarayana. Chant mantra and perform pujas of Ganesha and Satyanarayana respectively. Recite the entire set of 271 verses of the satyanarayan katha. Conclude it by performing the Homam.
Satyanarayan Puja 2022: Vrat Katha

This story was narrated to the rishis dwelling in Naimisharanya, by Suta maharshi, while performing a 1000 year yagna pioneered by Shounaka maharshi. There are four vrat kathas associated with this day, they are as follows:

Story Of Lord Vishnu And Narada Maharshi

Once, when Narada Maharshi reached Bhoolokam (Earth) while travelling across the world, he saw immense suffering. Unable to bear it, he went to Vaikunta - the abode of Lord Sri Satyanarayana Swami (the benevolent form of Lord Vishnu), to request him to ease the sufferings of humankind. He asked the all-knowing lotus-eyed Lord, adorned in pitambara, for an elixir to remove the world's miseries. In his response, the Lord said, "Anyone who performs Shri Satyanarayan Vratham and Puja with devotion they will attain all the pleasures on earth and will achieve their goal. All one requires is ripe bananas, ghee, milk, and wheat flour, and sugar to prepare the Prasad, flowers, and immense devotion. After the prayers, everyone taking part in the puja must listen to the Satyanarayan Katha, have the prasadam, food, and then chant mantras of Shri Satyanarayana Swami. By doing this, I will fulfil their wishes. So, spread the word Narada, let people worship me in the name of Lord Satyanarayana and be done with their miseries."

Story Of Lord Vishnu And A Brahmin

Lord Vishnu also narrates how and when the puja was first performed. In a place called Sundar Kashipur, there lived a brahmin whose life was full of untold miseries. Lord Hari (Vishnu), in order to test him, gave him his darshan. Brahmin asked him to relieve him from the suffering. As an answer, Hari explained the Satyanarayana Vrat in detail, and the brahmin performs it and soon his miseries vanished. He was immensely helpful to the people around.

Once, a woodcutter, who also attended the Satyanarayana puja performed by the Brahmin, was so impressed, that he decided to perform the vrat, just like the brahmin. Slowly he recovered from all the problems surrounding his life and lived a life of ease and comforts and finally attained moksha.

Story Of Lord Vishnu And A Wealthy Merchant

A wealthy merchant had a devoted wife, but no children. So, the merchant, by performing the vrata, begets a girlchild by name kalavathi. He soon forgets to continue the vrats subsequently. Days pass by , and the merchant gets his daughter married. one day, as he sets out on a business trip with his son-in-law. He halts for the night at a travellers' mansion. A few thieves, break in with the loot from the palace, and hide part of them in the merchandise of the merchant. Due to this, the next day, the merchant duo gets arrested. In the meanwhile, the merchant's home was also robbed, and soon the mother and daughter became poor and ended up begging in the streets.

One day, while begging, the daughter finds out that the Satyanarayana Vrat is being performed at a Brahmin's house. She takes the prasad and returns home. She also starts performing the vrat regularly. In the meanwhile, lord appeared in the dream of the king who had arrested the merchant duo and asks him to release them. King releases them and send them home. On his way back home, the merchant is tested by the lord who disguises himself as a brahmin and asks him for a share in his merchandise. The unwilling merchant lies to him by saying they are grass leaves. The merchandise promptly turns into the grass. So, the merchant falls at his feet begging for forgiveness and retrieves his wealth due to lord's grace. Overjoyed by the news of her husband's safe return, the mother of the Kalavathi forgets to take prasad of the lord and sets out to receive her husband. There she is unable to find her husband and remembers that she had forgotten the prasad. Once she consumed the prasad, her husband returns home on his own safely.

Story 4:

The king, who is returning from a hunting expedition, sees a group of boys performing the Satyanarayana vrat. After completing the puja rituals, one of the boys offer the prasad to the king. The king is so egoistic that he refuses to consume the prasad and leaves. Soon the king loses his wealth and gets surrounded by misery. It is due to a counsellor's advice, he performs the vrat and gets back his wealth and kingdom. Remembering the past incident, he returns to the place where those boys were conducting the vrat and partakes the prasad they offer him. He starts performing the vrat regularly with those boys soon after that. As a result, he gains moksha.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 15, 2022, 11:30 [IST]
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