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Diwali 2019: Rules To Follow While Lighting Diyas To Please Goddess Lakshmi On Deepawali

In the Hindu culture, Diyas (lamps) have great significance and therefore, devotees light diyas while worshipping. Not a single holy rituals can be completed without lighting diyas and Deepawali (also known as Diwali) is said to be the festival of Diyas.

Diya signifies soul filled with wisdom and it is believed that whenever we have knowledge our soul is full of light and we can deal with any difficult situation easily, but whenever light of wisdom is not present in the soul, darkness comes in life. Therefore, the practice of lighting diyas is symbolical.

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People light diyas and decorate their houses with diyas to celebrate this festival and please Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. But, do you know the way you light a diya and the oil that you use in it can affect the positivity and help in pleasing the Goddess Lakshmi?

Today we are here to help you with the same and therefore, we have listed down how you can light the diyas during the Deepawali.

1. Types Of Oils To Use In Diyas

The flame of the Diya signifies the blessings bestowed upon people by Goddess Lakshmi and there are many oils used while lighting diyas. But, every oil has its own significance and therefore if you want to know more about this:

  • Ghee: It is the most common thing used for lighting diyas in the Hindu household. Lighting a ghee diya ensures health, happiness and prosperity. So if your family is lacking happiness and is going through gloominess, then it is advisable to light a ghee diya.
  • Sesame Oil: Sesame Oil is said to help in removing all kinds of obstacles and evil effects that are haunting you in your life. People generally use sesame oil to light diyas to please Lord Saturn, but you can also use it during Deepawali to seek blessings from Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha.
  • Castor Oil: If you are willing to achieve success and fame, then it is good to use castor oil for lighting the diyas during the Deepawali. For that reason, castor oil helps in help in fetching fame, happiness and in attaining peace of mind.
  • Coconut Oil: Using coconut oil can help you in pleasing Lord Ganesh and seeking his blessings. Lord Ganesh is said to be the patron of arts and learning and removes the obstacles faced by his devotees.
  • Neem Oil: If you and your family members are going through tough time and face problems in whatever you are doing, then use neem oil while you light diyas. This will not only remove the negativity but will also help you in pleasing Lord Ganesha.

2. Types Of Wicks To Use In Diyas

  • Rose Water Wick: Using rose water wick can help you in achieving peace and pleasing Goddess Lakshmi. For this, you need to dip a clean white cotton cloth in the rose water. After that, you need to dry the cloth and then make wicks out of it. While lighting diyas during the Deepawali, use these wicks and it will add a beautiful fragrance.
  • Banana Wick: In order to seek forgiveness for the mistakes that you committed unintentionally and for getting relieved from the ancestral curses, you can use wicks made up of fibers of banana stems.
  • Cotton Wick: These are the most common wicks used in almost every household. All you need to do is take a clean cotton cloth and make wicks out of it.
  • Lotus Wick: If you are troubled by your previous birth Karma and wish to remove them to make a new start then you can surely use the lotus stem wicks. These wicks are prepared using the stems of Lotus.
  • Yellow Cloth Wick: Wicks made of clean yellow cloth will help you in achieving marital bliss and removing all sorts of problems from your love life.
  • Red Cloth Wick: If you are facing problems in marriage and are unable to have a child then using wicks made out of red cloth will help you in removing the obstacles.

3. Directions That Are Right To Place Diyas

While you are lighting diyas on Deepawali, make sure you are keeping the directions in mind. But if you are completely unknown to this, then fret no more as we are here to help you.

  • Placing diyas in the north: When you place diyas in the north direction, you receive wealth and prosperity from Goddess Lakshmi. She blesses her devotees with Astaaishwarya (8 forms of wealth and luxuries).
  • Placing diyas in the east: If you are facing constant illness then placing diyas in the east direction will help you in getting over the illness and will also provide peace of mind.
  • Placing diyas in the west: When you place lighting diyas in the west direction, you are blessed with prosperity and victory over your foes. It also helps in getting relieved from all debts.
  • Placing diyas in the south: Unfortunately, placing diyas in the south direction can bring bad luck to you. Therefore, avoid this direction while placing any diya.

In addition to this, make sure to not use sunflower and groundnut oil as this brings poverty and discords in the family. Moreover, rubbing excess or remaining oil in your hands, putting it in your hair or in other body parts after lighting the diyas, can bring ill-fortune to you. For that reason, it signifies the loss of wealth. Instead, you should use a clean cotton cloth to wipe out the oil.

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We hope the above information will help you in celebrating your Deepawali in a better way.

Wish you a very Happy Deepawali.

Story first published: Thursday, October 24, 2019, 10:34 [IST]