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This Wednesday, It Is An Auspicious Day To Start The Wednesday Fasts


Wednesday fasting is known to ensure a safe travel. Buddhadev, the Lord of Budha grah or Mercury planet is the deity who is worshiped during a Wednesday fast. This fast can be started from the first Wednesday of the Shukla Paksh in any month. Buddhadev or Lord Shiva is worshiped on the day.

This Wednesday, 18th April, is the first day of the Shukla Paksh of the Vaishakh month. Along with the auspiciousness of Akshay Tritiya, the day will be a perfect one to start the Wednesday fasting.


Here, we have provided below the procedure for Wednesday fasting. Take a look.

Wednesday Vrat Katha

In the good old days, there was a man, his wife had gone to her parents house. When it had been sufficient number of days since she had gone, he asked his mother whether he should go and get her back. His mother gave him the permission. He went to his in-laws house and stayed there for a few days.

One day, he told his in-laws that he and his wife must leave and seeked their permission for the same. The in-laws, knowing that it is not considered safe, asked him to wait for another day and not to go on a Wednesday. The man did not accept the advise and took their permission to leave. They assented, though reluctantly.

When the couple were on their way, the lady felt thirsty and requested her husband to get water for her. He left the chariot on which they were traveling and the lady there, and went to fetch water for his wife. When after some time he returned, to his surprise, another man who looked like him was accompanying the lady. He shouted at him for leaving her and asked who he was, but the other man denied to leave and said that she is his wife.


The two men started fighting. On hearing all this, the king's men reached there soon. They took the original man, with themselves. The man felt very desperate and requested God to solve the mystery. Just then a heavenly voice was heard in the sky. The voice explained that since he did not respect Budhadev, the Lord of planet Mercury, all this had happened with him.

The man sought pardon from God, and promised not to repeat the mistake again. From then on, both the man and his wife started observing the Wednesday fast and lived a happy life. God gave them the blessing of a safe journey everywhere from then on.

Wednesday Vrat Puja Vidhi

Budhadev Is Worshiped On This Day, One Can Worship Lord Shiva As Well

On all the religious occasions, the devotee must get up early before sunrise. First of all, the whole house should be cleaned. When this is done, the devotee must take a bath. The bath taken before sunrise is called the Brahma Snaan.

Brahma Snaan is very auspicious not only for the fasting day but also for the daily routine. Green coloured items should be used on this day. The devotee should wear green clothes and offer green flowers to the deity. Lord Shiva must be worshiped with dhoop, deep, and belpatra.

After offering him all this, the devotee must sing the aarti. This is to be followed by the distribution of prasad.

Eating should be done once during the day and one must never get up in between before the completion of the puja and the vrat katha.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 16:15 [IST]
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