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Ugadi 2020: Pooja Items Required For This Festival

By Debdatta Mazumder

Ugadi is a major festival that is celebrated in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It is the New Year of the Kannadigas, as per the Hindu calendar. Different festivals are celebrated throughout India and they are called by different names in each part. The New Year celebration in Karnataka is called Ugadi and it is known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. In Bengal, people celebrate this festival as 'Poila Boisakh' with great pomp and vigour. This year the festival will be celebrated on 25 March.

In Karnataka, the Ugadi Puja is celebrated by worshipping several gods and goddesses. The Kannada people mainly worship Lord Ganesha, Mata Parvati, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Uma-Maheshwara pujan is also performed in a few parts of the state. Apart from these, Hiranyagarbha Puja, Arundhati-Vasishta Puja, etc., are also performed to attain the blessings of deities.

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Ugadi is celebrated at a grand scale in the south of India. The temples and houses are decorated and people gather for the puja and blessings of the God.

In rural areas, houses are cleansed with cow dung and rangolis are made at the front yard.

People buy new clothes for themselves and also gift them to their near and dear ones. Since Ugadi is a community festival, people visit each other's houses and wish good health and prosperity to their loved ones. They also prepare special foods on Ugadi to make the celebration more splendid.

Without having certain materials, celebrating Ugadi will be incomplete and here we're going to let you know of the things you specially require to celebrate the festival of Ugadi.



From worshipping the almighty to decorating the house, flowers have always been used on Ugadi. Garlands of marigolds are used to decorate households, while jasmine is one of the most popular flowers that is used for pooja in Ugadi.


2.Mango Leaves:

Without this, Ugadi celebration is definitely incomplete. Decorating the doors with mango leaves signifies the good yield of the coming year. People make torans in front of their house with flowers and mango leaves and these leaves are also used for the puja.



Every auspicious festival and occasion in India is celebrated with coconut no doubt. For the Ugadi pujan, coconut is kept on the kalasam and is placed in front of the idol. It is also used as one of the main ingredients of ‘Naivedyam'.


4.Pickle Of Neem Flower:

This is popularly known as ‘Vepapoota Pachadi'. On the first day of Chaitra masam, Ugadi is celebrated to welcome the New Year. People keep a fast and offer prayers to the Sun God and then break their fast by having this pickle on an empty stomach.


5.Cow Dung:

As cow is regarded as a holy animal in the Hindu religion, cow dung and cow urine are regarded as auspicious. In rural areas, people use cow dung to clean their houses and splash cow dung water in front of their houses to moisten the area. Later, rangolis are made on that area.


6.Ugadi Pachadi :

No occasions, rituals or celebration ends without having a special cuisine; and celebrating Ugadi is no exception to that. In every household, Ugadi Pachadi is prepared that is offered first to the Lord and later people partake it as Prasad.



Last, but one of the most important things you need on Ugadi are sweets. You need it for offerings in Puja and also to take it to others' houses. Sweets are also offered to the guests you have in the evening on Ugadi.

These are the basic things that people require to celebrate Ugadi. They wish each other luck and prosperity and pray to the almighty for His blessings, so that the upcoming year is filled with happiness and success.

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