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When Lord Rama Met Shabri: Know About The Nine Levels Of Hindu Devotion

In Goswami Tulsida's Ramcharitmanas, there is a chapter called Aranya Kanda, where Lord Krishna has explained about the nine forms of devotion to Shabri to attain the Supreme Lord.

Shabri, who was an old Bhil woman, was a seeker of Dharma and very fond of Lord Krishna. She met Matanga Rishi during her quest for a guru at Rishyamuka mountain. One day, before shedding his mortal coil, the Rishi advised her to wait for the holy darshan of Lord Rama before she breathed her last. She met Lord Rama, took his blessings and imbibed his instructions on bhakti.

Lord Rama explains the nine types of devotion to Shabri, which she absorbed effectively. Know about them.

1. Pratham bhakti santan kar sanga

Meaning: Being in the company of saints constantly is the first step towards devotion. . Saints help us imbibe values, guide us on the path of equanimity, and do not relinquish their faith in god though they are put to untold trouble in the world.

2. Doosari rati mum katha prasanga

Meaning: Harikatha or stories of God, are explained in discourses by the devout. He can feel god's presence around him as he is immersed in the story heart mind and soul. This method helps you forget yourself and totally engage in the experience of God.

3. Guru pad pankaj seva teesri bhakti amaan

Meaning: The third step towards God is to serve the guru without a trace of ego or conceit. If the disciple stays far away from the Guru, or if Guru is not alive he can follow the Guru's words implicitly.

4. Chauthi bhakti mum gun gan karai karat taji gaan

Meaning: The next tip would be to earnestly praise the Lord without bearing any malice or selfish intent. Fraudulent thoughts while serving or saying slokas to God would not reach him.

5. Mantra jaap mum dridh vishvaasa, pancham bhajan so ved prakasha

Meaning: As per the Vedas, chanting Lord's name or nama is one of the surest ways to reach him. Faith fills us with the reservoir of strength when we need it and helps us to move on even in adverse situations.

6. Chhatt dum seel birati bahu karma, nirat nirantar sajjan dharma

Meaning: Being religious, doing religious deeds, practicing self-control, good conduct and worldly detachment always helps you spiritually. Prayers and meditation helps gain self control.

7. Saatav sum mohee maye jug dekha, motein sant adhik kari lekha

Meaning: Seeing the world as a manifestation of god and respecting saints more than we respect God, is a surefire way towards devotion. Following preachings of guru will create an aura of peace in the whole world.

8. Aanthav jathallabh santosha, sapnehu nahin dekhe par dosha

Meaning: The eight steps towards devotion is when a person is desireless and fully content. If success and failure are not able to daunt the person who is egoless, then he is very close to god.

9. Navam saral sub sun chalheena, mum bharos hiye harsh na deena

Meaning: Now the devotee develops a sense of total surrender and faith and acquires child-like innocence with no deceptive tendencies. He remains calm and takes logical calm decisions.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 27, 2022, 9:00 [IST]
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