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Is Hanuman Alive Today?
Is Hanuman alive now? Well, any devotee of Lord Rama would be interested to know whether lord Hanuman inhabits the very planet that we all are in. All of us worship lord Hanuman as he is a symbol of strength, courage, ...
Is Hanuman Alive Today

Sai Satcharitra Of Shirdi Sai Baba-Bhakti Yoga-(Chapter 45)
Kakasaheb's Doubt and Anandrao's Vision Continued from the previous part It is well-known, that Sai Baba had enjoined Kakasaheb Dixit to read daily two works of Shri Ekanath: (1) Bhagawatam and (2) Bhawartha Ramayan. Kakasaheb read these daily ...
True Devotion
A true devotee cares not for anything other than devotion. A story in the Ramayana depicts true devotion with none other than Lord Rama portraying it.Lord Rama was engaged in the worship of the Sea God to appease ...
True Devotion Ramayana Story Lord Rama
Service, The World's Greatest Prayer
"Service in this world is the greatest prayer, Loving the people around is the real devotion". Swami Chinmayananda For a beginner in spirituality it may appear that Jnana Yoga (the path of Knowledge), Bhakti Yoga (the ...
Let Us Be Gods-XI (Contd)
<p><strong></strong><a href="prince-dhruva-hindu-story-lord-vishnu-150909.html"><strong>Continued From The First Page</strong></a><br /><br /><br />Sri Ramakrishna was not against this monistic teaching that man is God. That is also needed in India. Where from...
Spiritual Nature Be Gods Monism
Let Us Be Gods-Part X (Contd)
<p><strong></strong> <a href="am-god-pure-spirit-110909.html"><strong>Continued From The First Page</strong></a><br /><br /> And so, when a little effort is made, I can see these things. I must not contradict myself. I cannot say, 'I am not the body. I am not the mind. ...
Hymn to Badrinath
Yathanuraktir bhavathodhimoole Bhaktanukampasya Bhavartiharin Tathatra Karmath Ca Rajayogah Sukena Naivojnamayetpumsam - Swami Tapovanam Oh! The destroyer Of all the sorrows of Samsar! Neither the path of Karma nor Rajayoga can raise one (to one's ...
Badrinath Path Devotion
An Earnest Attitude
Earnestness in pursuit leads one to the goal even if he is unsure of the path, says Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. With the desire to know God coupled by devotion, the path would reveal itself ultimately leading to the divine.A man ...
Satan's Footprints
After an elderly lady discovered what are said to be the Devil's footprints, the sleepy town of Devon in South West England has once again been spooked.   The first footprints were recorded in 1855 by Jill Wade, a ...
Devils Footprints
The Art of Doing Karma IV
When I talk about bhakti, I enjoy telling this story: One lady went to Sri Ramakrishna and said, 'I want to do japa, but whenever I sit for japa or meditation, a nephew whom I love very much comes ...
The Art of Doing Karma III
We have to create a right attitude to work. We can discover this right attitude for doing work either through Jnana-Yoga or, Bhakti-Yoga. In Jnana-Yoga it is said, you do everything, at the same time you do nothing. ...
Hinduism Karma Jnana Yoga Bakthi
Cultivating Love Divine-Part II
Loving Service Continuing his enumeration of the means of developing love in the heart, Narada says: (Also) through continuous, tender and loving service of Lord. ...
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