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Navratri 2022: Maa Durga Vehicle In 2022 Is Elephant; Know the Significance Of Maa Durga Vahan

As every Navaratri festival arrives, Goddess Durga descends down from Kailas and departs back in her prescribed vehicle. Her arrival on a particular vehicle for that year foretells the fate of the Earth and the events to come for the upcoming year, Goddess for the year 2022 will arrive on an elephant and also departs on the same vehicle. Let us know more about it.

Vehicles That Goddess Durga Rides On

As per the Devi Bhagwat Purana, the vehicle which the Goddess takes to travel to earth throws hints at future events. Lion is officially the vehicle of Goddess Durga and she is seen riding on it in all her avatars. As per religious texts, she also rides on other animals including elephants, horses, boats, and palanquins. There are different vehicles prescribed for different days of her arrival and departure. Each vehicle has a significance of its own.

Different Vehicles Of Goddess Durga-What Do They Mean?

According to the Hindu scriptures, if rhe goddess arrives and departs on the same vehicle it does not augur well for people. This creates upheavals of all kinds, natural calamities, wars and social instability. potential for upheaval, natural disasters, wars and social unrest. The arrival on a palanquin this time, certainly put people on tenterhooks about the outcome of it.

However, she is departing on an elephant which is an auspicious symbol of a happiness, peace and prosperity. Goddess Durga on top of an elephant symbolizes good tidings, blessings love and cheer. Mother Goddess departing on an elephant is the best sign and blessing that the people could ever expect. If Navratri starts on a Monday or a Sunday, she will come on an elephant. If it starts on Saturday or Tuesday, then she will come on a horse. If Navratri starts on Thursday or Friday then she will come in a palanquin and if it starts on Wednesday, she will come on a boat.

Vehicles For Departure: What Do They Mean?

Her departure is as equally significant as her arrival. If she leaves the earth on Sunday or Monday, she will ride on a Buffalo; on Saturday or Tuesday, she goes on a rooster; on Wednesday or Friday by riding an elephant and on Thursday, Goddess Durga rides on humans.

Maa Durga - Arrival and Departure

दिनशशि सूर्य गजरुढा शनिभौमै तुरंगमे।
गुरौशुक्रेच दोलायां बुधे नौकाप्रकीर्तिता॥
गजेश जलदा देवी क्षत्रभंग तुरंगमे।
नौकायां कार्यसिद्धिस्यात् दोलायों मरणधु्रवम्॥

रविवार और सोमवार को भगवती हाथी पर आती हैं,शनि और मंगल वार को घोड़े पर, बृहस्पति और शुक्रवार को डोला पर, बुधवार को नाव पर आती हैं। दुर्गा हाथी पर आने से अच्छी वर्षा होती है, घोड़े पर आने से राजाओं में युद्ध होता है। नाव पर आने से सब कार्यों में सिद्ध मिलती है और यदि डोले पर आती है तो उस वर्ष में अनेक कारणों से बहुत लोगों की मृत्यु होती है।

शशि सूर्य दिने यदि सा विजया महिषागमने रुज शोककरा,
शनि भौमदिने यदि सा विजया चरणायुध यानि करी विकला।
बुधशुक्र दिने यदि सा विजया गजवाहन गा शुभ वृष्टिकरा,
सुरराजगुरौ यदि सा विजया नरवाहन गा शुभ सौख्य करा॥

भगवती रविवार और सोमवार को महिषा (भैंसा) की सवारी से जाती है जिससे देश में रोग और शोक की वृद्धि होती है। शनि और मंगल को चरणायुध पर जाती हैं जिससे विकलता की वृद्धि होती है। बुध और शुक्र दिन में भगवती हाथी पर जाती हैं। इससे वृष्टि (बारिश) वृद्धि होती है। बृहस्पति वार को भगवती मनुष्य की सवारी से जाती हैं। जो सुख और सौख्य की वृद्धि करती है।

What Does The Elephant Vehicle Indicate?

The day of Durga Visarjan is usually conducted on a weekday, and this is the day prescribed for Durga departure. If Goddess Durga returns on a Wednesday or Friday, then she would be riding on an elephant on her way back to Kailas. Goddess Durga return on an elephant is considered to be auspicious. It indicates plenty of rainfall and rich harvest in the coming year.

Mother's farewell hour is almost near, and she will depart to Mount Kailas, and with her sojourn back to Kailas, the festival will also come to a close. This time, Goddess Durga had arrived in a palanquin and she will get back to Kailas on an elephant. Although Palanquin is not considered to be a lucky sign, her departure on an elephant proves lucky to people.

The elephant, the vehicle of the mother's departure, will wipe away the fear from the minds of the people this time.

Maa Durga riding on a horse during her arrival, is not a good sign as it indicates natural calamities. When she comes in a boat, she fulfils all aspirations of the devout folk. Arriving on a palanquin creates epidemic disasters.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Boldsky does not believe in or endorse any superstitions.

Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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