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Jwalamukhi Yoga 2022: Dos And Don’ts That You Need To Be Aware Of

Sometimes, we set out to work enthusiastically on a long-cherished project but you find that it requires unusually high efforts or you are just stressed under its impact. Even with repeated efforts, you can see so many hindrances on the way, every time. Finally, the project fizzles out. Wondering what it could be?

Before blaming your luck or your karma for this, just examine your birth chart and check for the presence of Jwalamukhi yoga in the chart. Did you start the project when Jwalamukhi yoga was operational? Remember that this yoga is inauspicious for good work and good for inauspicious work. This works well against enemies of a troublesome nature as well. While Abhijit Muhurat is good for all auspicious activities, Jwalamukhi yoga is good for all inauspicious activities. Wondering if you have this yoga in your horoscope? Read on to find out more about this day.

How Is Jwalamukhi Yoga Or Jwalamukhi Dosha Formed?

Jwalamukhi yoga is formed when a specific lunar mansion or asterism or a nakshatra combines with a specific date (Tithi) of a lunar month (Chandra mas). It occurs when certain dates and certain constellations coincide.

In other words, to simplify it, the inauspicious Jwalamukhi Yoga occurs when a specific tithi and specific nakshatra mutually combine on the same day. This yoga is formed in the following situations. It is yoga belonging to the most inauspicious category. Jwalamukhi Yoga is formed by the combination of 5 Nakshatras and 5 Tithis.

Five specific combinations of a Tithi and a Nakshatra

1. Pratipada Tithi(1st day) falls on the day of Mool Nakshatra (Dhanu Rashi).
2. Panchami Tithi (5th day) falls on the day of Bharani Nakshatra (Mesha Rashi)
3. Ashtami Tithi(8th day) falls on the day of Kritika Nakshatra (Mesha or Vrisha Rashi)
4. Navami Tithi (9th day) falls on the day of Rohini Nakshatra (Vrisha Rashi)
5. If a Dashami Tithi (10th day) falls on the day of Ashlesha Nakshatra (Karka Rashi).

Important Note For Jwalamukhi Yoga:

This yoga can occur twice in a lunar month or two consecutive days, that is, on two consecutive tithi and two consecutive nakshatra-

1. When Ashtami Tithi (8th day) of any month, coincides with Kritika Nakshatra (3rd nakshatra)
2. When Navami Tithi (9th day) of a month, coincides with Rohini Nakshatra (4th nakshatra)

What Are The General Effects Of Jwalamukhi Yoga?

"If you are born, you don't live, if you settle then the village is ruined,
women wear bangles, men are devoid of men, sows
are not cut, wells are born near."

Born with a Jwalamukhi yoga means there may be a presence of Arishta yoga in the horoscope. The above lines may sound a bit impractical and exaggerated. But the inauspicious effects of this yoga are such that catastrophes are caused in the life of the native who possesses this yoga. This yoga is also mentioned in many ancient texts.

If a girl or a man enters wedlock in this yoga, then it is inauspicious for marital life. If you sow seeds, the crop may not grow as expected. If a pond or well is dug for water, the water that wells up dries soon or it may not last for long. If a person contracts some sickness in this yoga, he may not recover at all or it may acquire a chronic nature. Whatever you do in this yoga may not be completed.

If yoga is present at any given time, even the most urgent and important work should not be undertaken.

What Should Not Be Done During Jwalamukhi Yoga?

  • If you are planning to begin any auspicious work or you have some important work-related travel or any important tour, you must not go ahead with this yoga.
  • Digging a well, or laying foundation for a new house for constructing new buildings, it is not at all advisable.
  • Any work started in this yoga may not get completed at all or it might get staggered too much for your comfort due to obstacles on your way.
  • A child should neither be conceived nor born under this yoga. If it does, then the child suffers from chronic health problems. But if equally neutralizing yogas are found in the horoscope, it would effectively nullify it.
  • One should avoid Jwalamukhi Yoga, entirely for good occasions like marriage or engagements. It is essentially ashubh yoga or dosha for any good event to occur in this period.
  • What Should Be Done During Jwalamukhi Yoga
  • Avoid conducting all auspicious events, if you find Jwalamukhi yoga on that particular day. This is just a precautionary measure. Jwalamukhi yoga is a propitious time for all evil beginnings like war. This yoga is used to the destruction of anything or any order.
  • Jwalamukhi Yoga period is only used to defeat one's enemies or start a war. It is an auspicious period for all destructive purposes only.
  • One should give the final judgement only after carefully reading and analysing all the factors present in the horoscope.
  • Under Jwalamukhi Yoga you can effectively counter evil persons, opponents or your enemies.
  • This yoga bestows success against your enemies or those who oppose you on any ground.
  • Jwalamukhi Yoga works very effectively on evil-minded people too.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Boldsky does not believe in or endorse any superstitions.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons

Story first published: Sunday, November 27, 2022, 11:01 [IST]
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