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Famous Ancient Lord Dhanvantari Temples In India

Dhanvantari (Sanskrit: Dhanvantari, Dhanvamtari, lit. 'moving in a curve') is the celestial doctor for the devas who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Puranas mention that he is the governing deity of Ayurveda who also carries the pot of nectar in one hand and the Ayurveda on the other hand. Born as a byproduct of the Samudra Manthan he later reincarnated in the Chandra dynasty. Born to king Dhanwa, he learnt Ayurveda officially from Bharadwaja Rishi.


Lord Dhanwantari holds in his four hands, a conch shell, a wheel, a leech and a pot of nectar. Dhanvantari puja provides relief to those suffering from physical and mental ailments. Parents of sick children can perform this puja to help them recover from chronic issues.

Lord Dhanvantari Temples:

Dhanteras is the best day for the worship of Lord Dhanvantari blesses devotees with health. It is mandatory to worship him on this day. The famous temples of Lord Dhanvantari are located in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. A large number of devotees come here to have the darshan of Lord Dhanvantari.

1. Dhanvantari Temple, Thottuva:

The temple of Lord Dhanvantari is significant for the east-facing idol of Lord Dhanvantari. On the day of Dhanteras, it is good to take a darshan of the Lord as he showers his blessings on devotees on this day.

2. Sri Dhanvantari Temple, Peringwe:

Paringwe in Kerala has a famous temple for God Dhanvantari which is visited by a large number of devotees to procure good health as his blessings, Apart from Lord Dhanvantari, you can see Lord Ganesha, Mata Lakshmi and Lord Ayyappan also seated in this temple.

3. Parappur Sree Dhanwantari Temple:

The Parappur Sree Dhanwantari temple, located in Nelluvai, Thrissur district of Kerala, is known for its Oushada Prasada (prasada with medicinal properties). The Mukkudi Prasad is made every day under the guidance of a person who knows these secret recipes for the Prasad. It is about 5000-years-old where Lord Dhanvantari who is worshipped here is known to bless the ayurvedic doctors who consider it auspicious to visit before they start their practice.

4. Sri Dhanvantari Temple, Coimbatore:

Sri Dhanvantari Temple of Lord Dhanvantari located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has Lord Dhanvantari enshrined in the form of a deity in the campus of Arya Vaidya Pharmacy. Dhanteras is celebrated grandly here,

5. Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu:

Ranganathaswamy Temple of Lord Dhanvantari is located in the Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu. At this temple of Lord Dhanvantari, in Tiruchirapalli in Kerala, herbs are offered as Prasad. A large number of devotees gather here to get the blessings of health from Dhanvantari.

6. Sri Dhanvantari Bhagavan Temple, Vellore :

The Dhanvantaritemple at Keelpudhupettai, Vellore district is as old as 500 Years old where the statue of Dhanvantari stands at a height of 7 feet on a padma peetha in a blessing stance.

7. Prayikara Dhanwatari Temple, Alleppey:

Situated about two kilometres away from the Alappuzha (Dist) Kerala State, on the Mavelikara - Thiruvalla route at Prayikara, this 1000-year-old temple is the hub of all spiritual and social activities that go on for the entire population of people of Mavelikara. This temple follows all the regular rituals performed for Lord Vishnu at other temples.

The 'Chandanam Charthu' and the famous 'VakaCharthu' of Guruvayoor Temple have a marked similarity. Small shrines for Shiva and Ganesha can be found inside the Nalambalam. There is also a 'Sarppakavu' towards the southwest corner of the temple. Dhwaja Prathishta has already been performed in 2011 with all the ritualistic observances.

There are no temples erected for Lord Dhanvantari in the Northern parts of India. You can find a statue of Dhanvantari on the campus of the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda, New Delhi and one more in the Haridwar ashram.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 16:28 [IST]
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