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Agni Veerabhadra Swami Temple: This Madurai Temple Addresses Marriage, Land Related Problems

In the remote city of palanganatham in the district of Madurai, 500 years old, temple for Agni Veerabhadreshwarar temple beckons the devotees from near and far. The Lord Veerabhadreshwarar appears in a rare Rudra Palaka form, holding 8 weapons in eight hands. He is seen wearing Rudraksha mala and seen in a position where he slaying Daksha.

Grand pujas are arranged on all purnimas in the temple while Shivaratri is of utmost significance here. Lord Shiva is worshipped six times on the day of Shivratri, during February and March. Nandi receives special pujas on all pradosha days. Goddess Ambica does not have a separate shrine built for her whereas one can see Nandi and Lord Vinayaka installed in the front Mandap.

The nivedan or thanksgiving offering is betel leaf garland and sweet pudding.

Agniveerabhadra Swami Temple: Benefits

If the construction of your building has been stalled due to unforeseen reasons, or the crops are not yielding as much as they should, in your lands Agniveerabhadra Swami is the god to go to as it is known to offer perfect solutions to your grievances. This is a famous destination to visit for solving marriage-related problems, and land feuds,

People usually bring in some mud from their lands in their pockets, and get it blessed by placing it before the idol of Agniveerabhadra Swami and get the puja done. After the mud is sanctified by divine blessings, they carry it back home and spill it all onto the building. This is sure to remove all the planetary afflictions and other problems and give a perfectly desired result. Also, Kesari is offered with garlands made of Vilva, lime fruits and Betel leaves. Those who do not have a family deity to worship, consider veerabhadra as their kuldevtha.

Agniveerabhadra Swami Temple: Legend Associated With This Temple

Malayadhwaja Pandya, a king had no progeny and was dejected on account of that while his wife had an unquestionable belief in Goddess Parvati. Pleased by her Tapasya, and devotion, Goddess Parvati was born to her in the name of Meenakshi. She defeated scores of kings in fiercely fought battles. Finally, when she approached Lord Shiva for a duel, she realized he was her lord. Lord Shiva came down to the earth with a legion of devas, maharshis, and siddhas. He appointed Munishwara and Jatamuni in different strategic directions for security purposes. The southern direction came under Virbhadra's jurisdiction. Thereafter, a group of Veerabhadra devotees came down to Karnataka from Madurai and installed idols of Veerabhadra and bult temples for him.

Agniveerabhadra Swami Temple: Opening/Closing Timings

The opening and closing hours are as follows. The temple opens at 06:30 am and closes at 09:00 am. It opens again at 5.30 pm and closes at 8:00 pm every day.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 26, 2022, 13:15 [IST]
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