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10 Leaves To Offer To Ganesha During The Ten-day Festival


The remover of all obstacles, Lord Ganesha, is the embodiment of perfection. He is the patron of arts and sciences and is the lord of learning. The elephant-headed Ganesha is one of the most worshipped and most popular deities in Hinduism. And to celebrate his powers and get his blessings, the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is observed as a ten-day event every year.

Devotees worship him with utmost devotion and respect. Also known as Vighnaharta, he is believed to have twelve great powers and twenty one names. Our scriptures also mention that offering ten types of leaves to him is considered very auspicious. Devotees can offer these leaves for the fulfilment of the different wishes mentioned below, along with the chanting of a mantra. Read on.

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1. Bhangriya Leaf

Those who are facing difficulties in getting a promotion should offer Bhangriya leaf to Lord Ganesha. They should offer ten leaves of Bhangriya after taking bath and should chant the mantra ‘Ganadhishiyay Namah'.


2. Belpatra Leaf

Those facing problems related to childbirth, fertility and other health-related issues, should offer Belpatra to Lord Ganesha. Offer seven leaves and chant the mantra, ‘Umaputray Namah' to please Lord Ganesha.


3. Arjuna Leaf

Arjuna leaf is offered for the health of the heart and proper blood circulation in the body. One must offer eleven leaves of Arjuna to the remover of all obstacles, Lord Ganesha and he will shower his blessings. The mantra ‘Kapilaya Namah' should be chanted.


4. Ber Leaf

Ber fruits (green berries) is one of the most popular offerings made to Lord Shiva. Five Ber leaves can be offered to Lord Ganesha, if one seeks good health for oneself or the loved ones, as a blessing from him. The mantra ‘Lambodaray Namah' can be chanted to please him.


5. Sem Leaf

If you are facing problems at work, whether business or job, you should offer eleven leaves of Sem to Lord Ganesha. The mantra ‘Vakratundaya Namah' can be chanted.


6. Bay Leaf

If one wishes to attain social prestige and recognition, he should offer Bay leaves to Lord Ganesha. The mantra to be chanted is ‘Chaturhotrey Namah' while offering seven Bay leaves to him.


7. Kaner Leaf

Those facing problems related to job, or those who are unemployed can offer Kaner leaves to Lord Ganesha. They should offer five leaves and chant the mantra ‘Vikataya Namah' and the wishes will be fulfilled soon.


8. Ketaki Leaf

We definitely need the blessings of Lord Ganesha before starting a new business venture. Therefore we should offer Ketaki leaves to Lord Ganesha. Offering nine Ketaki leaves and chanting the mantra ‘Sidhivinayakay Namah' will help get the blessings of the lord for the success of the business project.


9. Aak Leaf

Aak leaf is offered to Lord Ganesha when one is facing financial problems. Offering him nine Aak leaves would help bring financial stability. Do not forget to chant the mantra ‘Vinayakay Namah'.

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10. Shami Leaf

Shami leaves should be offered by those who are going through problems due to the unfavourable placement of Saturn in their birth chart. It will help please Shani Dev and Lord Ganesha if they offer nine leaves of Shami plant to Lord Ganesha while chanting the mantra ‘Sumukhaye Namah'.