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Who Should Wear a Ruby/Manik


Ruby/Manik is the red gemstone - its colour ranging from pink to deep red. When this gemstone is worn by an individual, his aura gets filled with the positive radiations of it.

These positive radiations do not let the other negative energies enter his aura and thus a ruby stone protects the person from negativity. This gemstone is associated with respect, authority and confidence. Therefore, the one who wears it is benefited with increased self-confidence, more success and respect in the society.

who should wear the Ruby

However, it is a fact that the effects of these gemstones depend upon the positioning of all the planets in the birth chart of an individual. Hence, one must always first consult an astrologer who can interpret the birth chart correctly.

Associated With The Sun

Ruby gemstone represents the planet Sun. Sun is the planet associated with courage, power, communication skill, energy, and health of an individual. If the Sun is placed favourably in the birth chart, the ascendant will be royal, confident and reputed. This planet is associated with the soul and denotes father. So the person will have a courageous, powerful and an authoritative personality.

It is specially suited for those in the position of authorities. Those already in the field of politics and in the government must wear these.

However, if the planet is placed at an unfavourable position and at a weak place, the person might have to face financial difficulties and problems at the professional front too. He might also not have a share in the government.

It Helps Treat Certain Diseases

Sun being a major planet to affect the life of the native, and Ruby being the associated gemstone, the importance of wearing the Ruby gemstone increases even more, since it helps treat certain diseases.

There are a number of diseases caused by the weak positioning of this planet. They are problems related to blood pressure, bones, eyesight, lack of confidence, unstable mind, etc.

However, wearing a Ruby gemstone helps cure all these diseases as well.

If the planets Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are positioned with the Sun, this gemstone can be worn. One can also wear it if the planet Sun is placed in the sixth, eighth, or tenth house.

For women, this gemstone brings passion and power. It instills the sense of responsibility in the minds of both men and women. It can be worn by those who have a favourable placement of the Sun in their birth chart.

Let us now have a look at which conditions should a person consider before wearing this gemstone.


If the planet Sun is placed in the fifth, sixth or the eleventh house, it is highly beneficial for the person to wear this stone. For those whose Sun is placed in the eleventh house must wear it only after a trial of at least three days.


For people of this zodiac sign, the Sun is not an auspicious planet. Hence, they must not wear it. The Lord of the planet for Taurus is Venus, which is the enemy of the planet Sun. It may be worn only in some exceptional cases after consulting the astrologer.


For the ascendants of this zodiac, if the planet Sun is placed in the third or eleventh house, then it is an auspicious time for him to wear this. If there is Budh-Aditya Yog in the third, fourth or eleventh house, then it is highly auspicious to wear it as well. In fact, in that case both the gemstones, Emerald and Ruby, can be worn.


For those who belong to the zodiac Cancer, it is auspicious to wear this gemstone, if the Sun is placed in the fifth, ninth or the tenth house.


For the Leo ascendants, this gemstone can be worn if the placement of the Sun is in the ninth, fifth or the eleventh house. It should be worn only during the Mahadasha or a major period, that is, if the planet is placed in the third and sixth house.


The ascendants of this zodiac must not wear this gemstone at all. The Sun, in this case, is placed in the twelfth house. They can only wear it exceptionally under the advice of an astrologer.


For the Librans, they can wear the gemstone only when the Sun is placed in the second, seventh or the eleventh house. This too has to be considered only once Venus or the Saturn are not placed in favourable houses. It can also be worn during the major period of the Sun as per the birth chart.


In the case of the Scorpios, if Sun is placed in the fifth, sixth, ninth or the tenth house, they can consider wearing the Ruby gemstone.


The ascendants of this zodiac can wear the Ruby gemstone, if the planet Sun is placed in the fifth or the ninth house. It can be worn under the major Sun period, if Sun is placed in the second, third, fourth, seventh or the tenth house. They should not wear it if the Sun is placed in the sixth, eighth or the eleventh house.


The Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn and the Sun are enemies. Hence, the Capricorns should avoid wearing this gemstone, except under a very few rare cases.

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After seeing the position of the Venus, if the Sun is placed in the third, tenth, seventh or the eleventh house, the stone can be worn during the Mahadasha period.


The ascendants of the Pisces sign should wear the stone if the Sun is placed in the sixth or second house of the person's birth chart.

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