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This Is How You Should Perform The Parana Of Shravana Fasts


Shravan, the most awaited and highly celebrated month in the Hindu calendar will be ending soon. As numerous festivals are observed during this month, the entire period of thirty days is celebrated as a festival. The worship of Lord Shiva is the primary focus throughout the month. Most of the festivals in the Shravana month are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Why Was This Shravana More Auspicious?

This year, the month was even more auspicious because it consisted of thirty days. Generally, there are around twenty-eight to twenty-nine days in the Shravana month. When the number of months as per the Hindu calendar increases from twelve to thirteen, the extra month is known as Adhika Maas or Mal Maas. Adhika Maas also is an auspicious month in which Lord Vishnu is worshipped primarily.

It was predicted that this Shravana month would astrologically more favourable because it will be observed for thirty days. This implies that all the fasts observed throughout the month are to be more fruitful this year. But do you know that it is believed no fast becomes successful if the Parana is not performed?

What Is Parana?

Parana is the complete procedure of rituals and prayers which are to be performed after the completion of the fast. It includes offering prayers and food to the deity and distribution of this food as prasad amongst the devotees. Breaking a fast by eating food is also known as Parana. Here we have brought to you the basic procedure that you should follow for the Parana of Shravana fasts. Take a look.

When To Perform Parana?

Shravana month began on July 28 and will end with Purnima tithi, August 26, the Raksha Bandhan day. So the Parana should be performed on August 25.

Shravaa Parana / Udyapan Vidhi

1. On the 25th, get up early and take a bath during the Brahma Muhurta (between 4.00 am to 6.00 am before sunrise).

2. Take a small wooden stool and decorate it using flowers and banana leaves. Place the idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya and Chandra Dev (Moon God) on it.

3. Give them a bath using Gangajal. Now perform the basic rituals of tilak, lighting the lamp and incense, offering akshat, sweets and fruits, etc. The colour white is dear to Lord Shiva. So you can offer him white flowers and sweets.

4. Visit a temple and offer water, milk, curd, honey and ghee as well as Gangajal to the Shivalinga.
Offer Datura, Belpatra and Bhaang.

5. Offer water eleven times, with sesame seeds mixed in it, to the Shivalinga to resolve any kind of problems or for the fulfilment of any wish.

6. Thereafter, perform Hawan/Yagna under the guidance of a priest and do not forget to use black sesame seeds during the Yagna.

7. Chant the Mahamritujaya mantra for one, two, five or seven rounds with the help of a jaap mala. After this, do not forget to make some donations to the poor and needy.

Eat food after the Parana. You should eat food just once even on the Parana day.

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