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Things You Should Never Buy On A Saturday

By Ishi

Saturday is the most feared day of the week. People, because of lack of knowledge, consider it inauspicious and are afraid of it. They think,since the day is associated with Shani Dev, he might punish you out of his own sweet will, without there being any valid reason. However, the truth is that Shani Dev, is thelord of justice, and ensures that justice prevails

And that is no new philosophy. Hinduism teaches at every step, that one reaps the fruits of his own past karmas. Shani Dev gives not just bad, but good results as well. It is said that, depending on the past karma, he takes a position in the birth chart, which becomes a reason for various events in one's life. Well, what one can do is not to annoy him more, so that at least, the level of punishmentis not high.

We must check which day is auspicious for buying a certain thing, to make sure we do not displease a deity associated with that day and end up making a mess out of the otherwise happily done shopping. More so in the case of the lord of justice.

List of Things You Should Never Buy on A Saturday

Scriptures say, not following these simple rules might prove an invitation to various unwanted issues in one's life. Therefore, today, we have brought for you, a detailed list of items that you should never buy on a Saturday. Take a look.

1. Buying things made of iron, is not considered auspicious for a Saturday. It is said that buying such items displeases Shani Dev, and brings bad luck. However, donating iron or things made of it, is highly auspicious. This ensures that you receive the blessings from him and he removes the obstacles from one's life.

2. Never buy oil on a Saturday. On doing this, a person falls in the trap of health problems. If the position of Saturn in the birth chart is not favourable, donating oils is recommended. Offering halwa cooked in mustard oil to a black dog also brings good luck to a person.

3. Buying salt on a Saturday might become a reason for financial losses and increased debts. This also might become a reason for poor health.

4. Buying scissors on a Saturday is also never recommended. It is said that doing this might become a reason for worsened relations.

5. One must also not buy black sesame seeds on a Saturday. This might result in to one's tasks getting delayed or deals getting canceled.

6. Buying a broom on Saturday disappoints Goddess Lakshmi is what is believed. Therefore, abstain from buying a broom on a Saturday.

7. Black shoes are a must for everybody, not buying these cannot be afforded at all. But make sure, not to buy black shoes on a Saturday, it is considered inauspicious.

8. It is said that if you bring home fuel on a Saturday, you bring family problems as well along with it. Therefore, never buy fuel on this day.

9. It is recommended never to buy a flour mill on a Saturday, the flour made from it might prove bad for one's health.

10. Buying ink on a Saturday might also end up being inauspicious.

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