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These Plants Can Bring Bad Luck To You!


Plants add beauty as well as freshness to the house. We often choose a plant for our garden merely on the basis of the beauty it will add to the garden. However, Vastu says that plants can also play an important role in our luck. While there are some plants such as marigold, basil, etc., which are believed to be lucky for their surroundings, there are few others which are considered unlucky as well. We should abstain from keeping these plants in the house. Take a look at the list of plants which can bring bad luck to you.



Cactus is a thorny plant which grows mainly where there is a lack of water. However, it might grow when in your garden during summers, when there is lack of moisture in the soil. However, you should remove it as soon as you see. It is believed to cause misunderstandings and conflicts among the family members.



Tamarind is used in Indian kitchens as an ingredient for cooking. People generally grow this plant in their houses for personal use. However, it should never be grown in the house. In fact a house should also never be constructed at a site where there is a tamarind tree. Vastu Shastra says that tamarind tree attracts negative energies and evil spirits dwell on it. Astrologers also recommend removing it if a tamarind tree grows near your house.



Myrtle, also known as mehandi plant is very popular in Indian houses. While most of the people grow it for manufacturing and selling henna (mehandi powder), these are also grown at home for personal use. Myrtle is also believed to attract evil spirits and therefore it should not be planted in the house. A house should also not be constructed at a site where there is a myrtle tree. Evil spirits might disturb the peace of the house, says Vastu Shastra.



Babul is a hardwood tree with drooped branches of small green leaves. The tree is known for its various benefits. While the hardwood is very durable and is used for construction purposes, the tree is also used as fuel wood and charcoal. Babul tree is also thorny and any thorny tree is believed to become a reason for disputes in the house. Therefore, we should abstain from planting these in the house and constructing a house in such areas.



Cotton plant is also believed to be inauspicious when planted in a house. It is because the cotton plant attracts dirt and filth easily. Filth is believed to invite inauspiciousness and poverty in the house. We should avoid planting cotton in or near the house. Silky cotton and Palmyra are also believed to be inauspicious for the house for similar reasons.


Other Rules For Keeping Plants At Home

In addition to the plants mentioned above, we need to observe few more rules regarding keeping plants in the house.

One should remove a decaying plant as soon as it is spotted in the garden. These bring negative energy and dissatisfaction in the house.

Besides these, one should also avoid keeping pots of plants alongside the North or the East walls. These directions are meant for Gods as well as for wealth.

Similarly, one should abstain from having big trees in the East and the North-East direction as well. Such trees in these directions attract negative energy more easily. These directions are ideal for Kuber Devta.

Story first published: Saturday, September 1, 2018, 17:29 [IST]
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