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Which Flowers Should We Offer To Shiva?

Sawan में शिव को चढाएं ये 6 पुष्प, हर मनोकामना होगी पूरी | Flowers to offer Lord Shiv | Boldsky

Shravana month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Devotees worship him with all the dedication and seek the fulfilment of their desires. From observing fasts to visiting the temples, devotees try all they can to please the deity. Most of us have heard that Lord Shiva can be pleased with minimal offerings. But, it is also said that a person can get all his wishes granted by offering just a few flowers to Shiva. Today we are going to tell you some flowers which you should offer to Shiva for his blessings.

For 'Vahan Sukha' (Luxuries And Vehicles)

Vahan Sukha refers to the occurrence in the birth chart (Yog) due to which a person gets the comfort of vehicles. Whether he owns a vehicle himself or not, he always enjoys a comfortable journey, with the help of friends or family, without an effort of his own. In other cases, when this Yog is not there in his birth chart, the person might not be able to buy a vehicle either because he is not able to save, or due to some other problems. To get blessed with Vahan Sukha Yog, you should offer Jasmine flowers to Shiva. Not just this, it also brings a relief from the various problems we might be facing in the materialistic world.

Dhan Vaibhav (To Earn Wealth)

Dhan Vaibhav is that Yog in the birth chart which causes the inflow of wealth in a person's life. Offer Shankhpushpi, Belpatra (Bilwa leaves) and a lotus flower to Shiva. This will increase the chances of you becoming rich if the stars are already in your favour. And makes them favourable if they do not seem to help you prosper otherwise. A Bilwa leaf offered to Shiva helps to earn more wealth. Offering Jasmine (Juhi) flowers to Shiva also helps fill the house with prosperity, sufficient wealth and food for the inhabitants.

For Early Marriage

There can be several reasons for a marriage being delayed. Offering a Bilwa flower (Bel Pushpa) to Shiva creates favourable chances for a person's marriage. While some people might not be able to find a suitable match, the others might not be able to find suitable dates for the marriage. Offering a Bel Pushpa will solve the problem. Along with this, compatibility increases between the couple.

To Remove Depression

All kinds of big and small problems are common in the modern life. However, problems are a necessary part of life, since they are the stepping stones to success. But handling them becomes a Herculean task sometimes and we end up falling into depression. To remove such problems easily from life, one should offer Shafali (night blooming jasmine) flower to Lord Shiva.

To Earn Social Respect

To earn respect as well as high designation, one should offer August flower to Lord Shiva. Offering a Cascabela (Kaner) to Shiva also removes hurdles coming in the way of success. Those desiring clothes and ornaments should offer Kaner flowers to Shiva.

For A Healthy Long Life

It is said that the one who offers Durva grass (Bermuda grass) to Lord Shiva in Shravana, is blessed with a healthy long life.

For Peace In Life And Peace After Death

One gets peace in the present life and salvation after death by offering a white lotus to Lord Shiva.

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