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Hindu Beliefs Associated With Lizards


A certain set of beliefs are followed in every religion. The auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of something is decided on the basis of these beliefs. Even the plants and animals present around us indicate towards a good or a bad luck. We can save ourselves from bad luck a number of times if we know about them beforehand. Shakun Shastra contains some such beliefs about lizards.

Hindu Beliefs Associated With Lizards

The lizards that keep wondering on the walls of the houses can convey a message about your future as well. This is what Shakun Shastra says. Though the book was compiled long back, the beliefs mentioned are followed till today. Let us now understand about these Hindu beliefs associated with lizards. Take a look at these.


Falling On The Right Hand

Well, we would generally believe that it was a coincidence when a lizard falls from the wall above. It is just the loose grip of the creature, is what we will believe. But Shakun Shastra has something completely different. It says that when a lizard falls on the head or the right hand of a person, it indicates towards monetary gains for the person. Similarly, it might mean the person will have to face monetary loss if the lizard falls on the left hand.

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Falling On The Right Ear

Shakun Shastra says that when a lizard falls on the right ear, it indicates towards the gain of jewellery. Similarly, it indicates towards the long life of a person when it falls on the left ear. Therefore, you might get scared at once when the next time a lizard falls on your ears, but it should not take you much time to infer the indications.


When It Comes Down From The Left

Have you ever got that shock which comes when one realizes that there is a lizard sitting on one's body? Well, if you are one of them, we would like to tell that if you realize that the reptile came from the right side of your body and got down from the left, then the indication is that of a promotion and monetary gains.


While Entering Your New House

If the owner of the house sees a dead lizard while entering the house, the indication is that those who will live in that house might have to suffer from health problems or diseases. A puja should be performed before entering the house in such a case. It is considered even more inauspicious if there is filth or soil on the body of the lizard.


Hearing The Sounds Of A lizard

If you hear the squeaks of a lizard, it should not take you much time to understand that you might hear some happy news in the near future, as per Shakun Puran. It indicates towards positive life. However, the sounds should be heard while you are eating during the day. Such sounds at night are common observations.


Fighting Of The Lizards

If you see two lizards fighting, the indication is that you might get into an argument with a loved one in the near future. Practice patience and try not to indulge in arguments with anybody in order to avoid unnecessary fights, if you happen to hear such sounds. Beware of anger and arguments.

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Falling On The Right Part Of A Woman's Body

If a lizard falls on the right part of the body of a woman, it means that that the family of the woman might have to face monetary losses in the near future, says Shakun Shastra.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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