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Household Things That Are Considered Unlucky


Have you ever wondered why things do not work out despite consistent hard work? Have you ever realized why our elders keep telling us to get the house cleaned every day? Why some people invest all their money and hard work and still things do not turn out in their favour?

Well, while there are many rules that need to be observed about the household items and various reasons associated with them, we have brought to you some most common beliefs about household items that are considered unlucky. Take a look.


A Black Door

You might want to make your house look distinct by colouring the doors in black colour. However, Vastu Shashtra says that black doors signify negativity. While black doors of the bedroom might invite clashes, those of the room where you have placed the cash cupboard, will bring loss of wealth. However, if the doors are facing north, they are not considered to be unlucky.



You might not have heard about mirrors being a cause of bad luck, but it is true. While we have only heard that broken glasses and mirrors bring inauspiciousness in the house and cause unnecessary arguments among the family members, there is another belief that mirrors should be kept covered always. More so when a person has died recently. Uncovered mirrors are believed to have the tendency to trap spirits.


An Old Calendar Or A Watch That Has Stopped

Many a time people just do not bother and the calendar shows wrong month or date. One should not ignore this, as a calendar showing dates other than the original is considered very inauspicious. It invites hard luck. It does not let the bad time pass or good time come soon. Similarly, it is inauspicious when a watch has stopped working or even if it shows wrong time.


Broken Dishes

Well, everybody would agree that we choose a reflection of our financial status when we choose certain design of dishes. Here, we would like to tell you that eating or drinking in cracked utensils is considered inauspicious. It invites and luck. Cracked dishes symbolize cracked financial status, hence cause unnecessary loss of wealth. Hence, one should check twice even before buying new dishes too.


Decaying Or Thorny Plants

Plants which have thorns invite clashes in the family. Hence, we should certainly not have such plants in our house. However, thorny plants with flowers can be kept.

Sometimes we forget to water those innocent plants in the garden outside and they get decayed. Decayed plants make negative energies predominant in the house. Hence, they should be removed as soon as possible. The best is to not let them decay and water regularly.

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