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    Hard Work, Discipline And Honesty Are Dear To Shani Dev


    Astrology says that the life of an individual depends a lot on the positioning of the stars and the planets in the sky at the time of their birth. The celestial positioning is evaluated through the birth chart by the astrologers. This determines the positive and the negative effects on the life of the individual.

    However, astrology divides the kind of results they give according to their positions into positives and negatives. The same planet might be called positive when its position proves to be beneficial and negative when the results are harmful. But because of partial knowledge, people have categorised the planets itself as positive or negative.

    Shani Dev

    One among these is the planet Saturn, the lord of which is Shani Dev. Shani Dev is considered to be the lord of justice. It is believed that he gives the results of one's past karma. Since Shani Dev never forgives for the bad karmas done by a person in the previous life, it has become a common perception that Shani Dev gives negative results alone and hence, is considered a negative planet. We have to brought to you some more such facts about Shani Dev. Take a look.

    1. Shani Dev is not at all a negative planet. He just ensures that justice prevails. There is a story according to which Ravana had once asked all the planets to stay in the eleventh house of the birth chart of his son, while the lords of all the planets agreed, Shani Dev disagreed to do so.

    2. Shani Dev is the son of Sun God - Surya Dev. His mother is Chhaya - which means shadow - and the lord of death, Lord Yamraj, is his brother. It is believed that Surya Dev had abandoned his son, Shani, and wife, Chhaya, soon after the boy's birth.

    3. Shingnapur of Sourashtra is believed to be the birthplace of Shani Dev, and it is said that offering him prayers here helps one pacify the negative effects of an unfavourable positioning of Shani Dev.

    4. Shani Dev never harms a person unnecessarily. But he definitely gives the punishment for the karmas of the past life. He is not a negative planet, but it is said that he stays in a zodiac for a period ranging from one year to even seven years. No other planet stays for such a long time in a zodiac.

    5. A belief says that Shani Dev is pleased easily by the people who are hard-working, sincere, honest and disciplined. These qualities are dear to him and he blesses the people who possess these qualities.

    6. Shani Dev is often depicted in black colour. The black colour is actually dear to him. Offering black-coloured cloths to Shani Dev is a way of getting his blessings. Black sesame seeds are another popular offering to Shani Dev.

    7. According to a story, Shani Dev received all the powers that he possesses by offering prayers to Lord Shiva. He performed hard penance to seek his blessings. Therefore, Lord Shiva is considered as his guru.

    8. Lord Hanuman, Lord Bhairava and Lord Buddha (Lord of Planet Mercury) and Lord Rahu are believed to be the friends of Lord Shani. Hence, worshipping them is another way you can please Shani Dev.

    9. Charity is very dear to Shani Dev. Never forget to make donations if you want to please Shani Dev.

    10. Shani Dev is offered mustard oil as well. An abhishekam with mustard oil is performed whenever he is to be worshipped.

    11. Offering food to a black dog, especially the food cooked in mustard oil, pleases Shani Dev. Every Saturday is dedicated to him and is considered very auspicious for observing a fast for Shani Dev.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 3, 2018, 11:41 [IST]
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