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Facts That You May Not Know About Lord Rama

You do not have to be a devout Hindu to know the name of Lord Rama. Anybody who is remotely acquainted with the Hindu religion and culture can tell you that Lord Rama is one of the most honored deities.

Lord Rama's birth is to be celebrated as Rama Navami on the 25h of March 2018. The Navami tithi of the Chaitra month's Shukla Paksha is celebrated as Rama Navami every year. In most parts of the country, the day is spent in conducting rituals and poojas with the Lord's name on the mind and lips.

Lord Rama is not just a religious or historical figure; he is a symbol of goodness, divinity and loyalty. He is called 'purushottam' or the best among men due to the many qualities that we, mere mortals, can only strive to achieve. The whole life of Lord Rama is a textbook that sets an ideal for the entire world to follow.

As Lord Rama is one of the most worshipped deities, most aspects of his life are well known. But there might still be things that you may not know about Lord Rama. Therefore, on the occasion of Rama Navami, we bring to you some facts about Lord Rama that may surprise you. Read on to know more.

'Rama Nama'

The name Rama is one of the most pious words you can utter with your mouth. It is said that Lord Shiva himself said that saying 'Rama' once is equivalent to chanting other god's name a thousand times on the rosary. Such is the power of the name Rama that it converted a seasoned robber named Angulimal into a learned sage who came to be known as Valmiki. It is this very sage Valmiki that went on to author the holy Ramayana.

The birth of Lord Rama

It is known that Lord Rama was born in the Treta yuga. But did you know that the time of his birth is calculated to be 10,00,000 years ago (approx)? Another fact that you probably did not know is that though Lord Rama is said to be the Maha Vishnu Avatar of Treta Yuga, Parashurama and Vamana were born in the same yuga too. If the details from Ramayana and other scriptures are taken into consideration, Lord Rama was born on January 10th of the year 5114 BC at 12.30 afternoon. It is said that the sun was shining very brightly at that time.

Lord Rama's Dynasty

Lord Rama is said to belong to a mighty dynasty that is called Surya Vamsha, which means that he belongs to the dynasty of the Sun. He is considered to be born in the lineage of great Kings like Ikshvaku and Raghu. There were many other illustrious kings that paved the way for Lord Rama's greatness.

Rama Rajya

If India has seen a period of Utopia, it is said to have been under the rule of Lord Rama. Lord Rama ruled the country for more than a 1000 years and it is said that those were the Golden years. There was no deceit or cheating during that time. Everyone was fair to each other. Poverty was unheard of and prosperity reigned in every household. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to bring those days or the days of 'Rama Rajya' back after the Indian independence.

Rama Navami

While Rama Navami is celebrated as the birth day of Lord Rama, people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana celebrate it as the day of Lord Rama and Devi Sita's wedding.

The Incarnations That Accompanied Lord Rama

It is a known fact that Lord Rama was the incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu. Devi Sita was none other than Goddess Maha Lakshmi herself. The serpent Ananta was born as Lakshmana. Lord Maha Vishnu's Shankha and Chakra were born as Shatrugna and Bharata, respectively. Lord Hanuman is said to be the ansh of Lord Shiva.

The Power Of Rama Navami

It is believed that on Rama Navami, worshipping Lord Rama give a 1000-fold effect. Chanting the name of the Lord with complete dedication is believed to be the cure for troubles, ailments and even fatal diseases.

Aim Of Rama Avatar

When the question is asked, why Rama avatar was taken, the death of Ravana comes out as the most common answer. There is another story that explains the 'uddeshya' or the motive of Rama avatar. Satya yuga or the yuga that preceded Treta yuga was filled with spiritual souls who were very good. They all attained moksha, except a set of souls who were spiritual too but failed to serve the society. It is said that all of these souls were born as Vanaras in the Treta yuga. They attained moksha, as they served Lord Rama when he was the most distressed.

The Purushottama

Lord Rama is said to be the ultimate and the most ideal man. Lord Rama had a complete control over the five senses, the ego, the intellect, the conscious and the subconscious mind. He is therefore called 'Purushottama'. Lord Rama was arguably the most righteous person to grace the history of our land.

The Social Bonds

Through his life, Lord Rama has been an example for humans in every aspect of his life. He set a precedent for people to follow. His life teaches us how to behave with parents and siblings. He demonstrates how to be loved by the masses. He gives us the lesson of forgiveness, peace and patience. He also tells us that courage and valor are to be used when the need arises. He shows the world that caste, creed and gender are all social divides that can be overcome. He educates us about the importance of friendship and how you can forge bonds even with an enemy.

The Master Of The Enemy Of The Soul

Ravana is the embodiment of the evils like lust, vanity, anger, attachment, greed and envy. He is called the enemy of the soul. With the defeat of Ravana, Rama is said to have defeated each of these humanely evils too.

Eka Patni Vrata

Today, it is the norm to have one wife. It was not so in the time of Lord Rama; especially so, for Kings. Even in those times, Lord Rama vowed to have only one wife. It is said that Lord Rama ruled for more than a 1000 years. All through those years, he never remarried even though Devi Sita was reclaimed by Bhumi Devi. He set an ideal for the husbands of all ages to follow.

The Scientific Side Of Rama Navami

Rama Navami falls in the beginning of summer season; a season that will be filled with hardships, lack of water and intense heat. It is said that spending the day in prayer and worship helps people to become mentally strong to withstand the Indian summer. The fasting is highly beneficial too, as it prepares the body for scarcity that might come in the following days. It also helps the body better its immunity and thereby prevents diseases.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 25, 2018, 8:00 [IST]