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Another Eclipse Yet To Come: 20-21 January, 2019


The second partial solar eclipse of the year was witnessed on July 13, 2018, only in some countries. It was not witnessed in India. Now, even a third solar eclipse is near. Yes, you heard it right. The third solar eclipse of the year will be observed on August 11, 2018.

Third Solar Eclipse Date And Place

This will be observed on August 11, 2018, in North America, Greenland, Northern Europe and Northeast Asia. The maximum time it will be observed for will be in the East Siberian Sea, Wrangel Island. It can be observed in almost the whole of India. This can be observed in northern and southern Korea at the time of the sunset.

Rules To Be Maintained

As we already know by now, a number of points have to be kept in mind on the day of the solar eclipse. There are certain rules which have to be specifically maintained on a solar eclipse day. Some of them are we must not stand in the sun while eating, we must avoid eating and cooking in the sun. Pregnant women must not step out. Making donations on this day proves very beneficial. Solar Eclipse August 11, All You Need To Know A solar eclipse generally starts at one place and ends at another. Moreover, because of the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, the shape and shadows of the sun and the moon can be different. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon lies between the sun and the earth. The moon either covers the sun completely or covers it partially. Thus, four kinds of solar eclipses happen on this day.

These Are The Four Types Of Solar Eclipses

Total Solar Eclipse: When the whole moon comes before the sun and only the corona is visible as a faint light.

Annular Solar Eclipse: It happens when the sun and the moon are in line but the moon covers it in such a way that only a small dark circle in the middle is visible.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse: This eclipse will happen when the sun and moon are in one line, but it looks like an annular as well as a total solar eclipse.

Partial Solar eclipse: When the sun is covered only partially.

Did You Know?

Generally, there are two eclipses in a row whenever we have an eclipse. So we can say that an eclipse does not come alone. This time, there will be three, the third being on August 11, 2018.

Do This After Solar Eclipse

Never forget that astrology says a solar eclipse leaves a negative effect on people and things. Therefore, we must observe the prescribed rules in order to protect ourselves.

For example, after the eclipse is over, we must not forget to take a bath. Women must not forget to take a head bath. Making donations on this day is seen to be very beneficial astrologically. Since it is believed that trees which come in direct contact with the eclipse are affected more, we must sprinkle Gangajal on these; tulsi and shami plants fall in this category. Also, one must wash the idols of gods and vessels to be used in the daily puja.

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