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Your Secrets From The Nakshathras

By: Jayashree

Nakshathras add more strength to astrology. Vedic astrology can't be studied without knowing what a Nakshathra is. Majority of Indians do have an idea about their Nakshathras, but most of them are not well aware of the details of the Nakshathra.

Your Secrets from the Nakshathras

Nakshathra is based on the Sanskrit word "Naks/Naksat", meaning "which is approaching".

There are 28 Nakshathras as per Vedic astrology, but we generally look only at 27 Nakshathras. According to the Brahma Purana, these Nakshathras are daughters of Daksha and Asikli. These 27 women are named as:











Poorva Falguni

Uttara Falguni













Poorva Bhadrapada/purvaprosthapada

Uttara Bhadrapada/Uttaraprosthapada


They have one brother and his name is Abhijeet. He is not counted generally in this group of Nakshathra. He is a fallen polestar.

Your Secrets from the Nakshathras

The Story Of The Moon And The Nakshathras

Daksha gave his 27 daughters in marriage to Chandra/Moon. He put a condition that the Moon should treat his wives equally. However, the Moon became partial to Rohini, so the other wives complained to their father. So, father, Daksha cursed the Moon. Then the Moon started losing his lustre, and thus started the waxing and waning phases of the Moon.

Your Secrets from the Nakshathras

Hence, as per the ancient scriptures, people believe that the Moon goes to meet his wives and they don't move. And that's why the word Nakshathra came in, where "Naks" means "to approach". Every 2½ days, the Moon approaches to meet each of his wife. And the Nakshathras are believed to be constant and not moving.

न क्षरति इति नक्षत्रः Na ksharati ithi nakshatra,

"Kshar" means movement.

So the one which doesn't move is called the Nakshathra. So, as per Hinduism, it is believed that the Nakshathras are stable and patiently wait for their husband Moon.

How Is The Nakshathra Noted At The Time Of Birth Of A Person

At the time of your birth, that Nakshathra is noted where the Moon is. That will be considered as your Nakshathra. These Nakshathras are spread between the 12 signs. The sign in which the Moon transits at the time of your birth will be your Moon sign.

Your Secrets from the Nakshathras

One sign has 2½ Nakshathras. For example, Aries, the first sign has Ashwini, Bharani and a portion of Kruttika in it. Likewise, these 27 Nakshathras are spread between these 12 sun signs.

Other than the Moon, all the planets move through the Nakshathras. When you take your birth chart, you will get a table of the planetary positions. There, you can see in which Nakshathra each planet was in at the time of your birth. It makes a lot of difference to your cosmic programming and you will understand that the regular Sun sign monthly horoscope doesn't say even 5% of true astrology. Those forecasts are written for a mass number of readers and written with a tint of psychology in it.

An astrology chart reading can get more accurate when we check the chart through the Nakshathra placement. Each Nakshathra has a ruling planet and deity as well. Suppose you have Ashwini as your lagna nakshathra. Lagna is the rising sign, the sign in the 1st house of your chart and also known as the Ascendant. When you see your Lagna is placed in Ashwini, then look at the ruling planet and deity. The ruling planet of Ashwini is Ketu and its deity is Ashwini Kumaras.

Ashwini Kumaras are the doctors for the Deva clan. They are the healers. As per astrology, it is believed that they are always into healing physical and emotional burdens. They are eternally young as well. So, you as a person will be connected to healing.

Your Secrets from the Nakshathras

You may be a problem solver. You may take problem-solving as a career or a passion. The essence is that you will be connected to any of the sectors of problem-solving. That will become your identity, and that too, the primary identity at some point in your life.

Now, you have to look at the ruling planet of Ashwini, which is Ketu. Find out in which house Ketu is placed. You will work with the skills mentioned in that house. If your Ketu is in the 3rd house of writing, editing, media, communication and technology, then you will do healing through your communication skills. You will have a natural skill to heal others through your communication skills. As Ketu is an indicator for spirituality, you will of course have a liking for spirituality.

Yes, it is a complex method to find the Nakshathra, the Nakshathra lord, and deity and mix all their attributes and then to find the final value. This difficulty is only in the beginning. Once you practice it, it will be easy for you.

You should track each and every planet with this Nakshathra rule. For example, if Jupiter is in the Nakshathra of Purva Ashada. Jupiter would stand for wisdom, higher knowledge, and vision in your birth chart.

You must directly find which is the ruling planet of Purva Ashada and the deity of this Nakshathra.

Your Secrets from the Nakshathras

Venus is the ruling planet of Purva Ashada and Apah or Water Goddess is the deity. Water is the elixir of life, so you are here to use your wisdom to bring nourishment and meaning into people's life. Venus, the planet of love, again this directs you to show the divine love to add value to others' lives. So, you are here on this planet to share wisdom, love and higher knowledge and thus work towards humanitarian purposes. You should use your wisdom for that.

What Do The Astrological Readings Signify

Astrological readings are not really to know what is going to happen next year or the next month or when will you win a lottery. Astrology is a higher wisdom to bring self-awareness into one's life. Once you reach that self-awareness, you will find that your life has become enjoyable. You will know what is destined for you and you will naturally adjust your life in sync with that destiny without any coercion. That is called enlightenment.

Yes, astrology readings are a complex process. It really needs a call from the universe to understand these mysterious signals and crack down these complex calculations. Once when you go in-depth of astrology, it will guide you in every segment of life. It will show what your strengths and weaknesses are. How you are programmed cosmically. You will understand that the real meaning of life lies in being happy and contented with what you have. It will show you we are here as the plan by the divine force and we are nothing but incomplete beings until we reach back to the source.

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Story first published: Friday, May 19, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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