Is Music In Islam Prohibited?

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Is music allowed in Islam? Music of any sort is Haram (prohibited) in Islam. It is said that music takes you away from Allah, as the person listening to music becomes more interested in its rhythm that he/she forgets everything.

Any music played in a seductive way can also drag your emotions in different directions and may be towards some sins, such as illegal sex or infidelity.

All Muslims must refrain from getting involved in music too much, so that they do not forget their creator. However, the modern Muslims listen to all sorts of music. They listen to loud music even when it is a prayer time, which is considered quite a wrong thing to do in Islam.

This may seem normal to others, but doing anything in excess may lead to negative impacts. If you listen to music and are connected to the real world, the situation can be different then. However, you must have seen certain people shaking their heads and body, as they get engaged into a particular music. This is unacceptable in Islam.

Why music is prohibited in Islam

Music Even Distracted A Hindu Saint
Even in Hinduism, as per a legend, a saint got disturbed by a dancing girl when he was in a prayer mode while closing his eyes. The girl distracted him with music and dance and therefore all his efforts of the prayer got wasted.

Why music is prohibited in Islam

Music Can Make You Anxious
Why music is prohibited in Islam? Listening to music may relax the mind, but, at the same time, it can lead to some mental disturbances and feelings of more stress when you switch off the music player. Have you ever noticed that? Music also decreases productivity, as you get more involved in it than concentrating on your task.

Why music is prohibited in Islam

Why Music Is Not Official At Work Places
The prohibition of music at work places is itself an evidence that music distracts the work and creates an unhealthy environment. Imagine if music is made legal everywhere, how would the world be like? This is a good reason why music is Haram in Islam.

Dancing Along With Music
Dancing is also prohibited in Islam, as it attracts the opposite sex and can lead to social evils. The dance moves by girls can provoke men to get sexually involved with them. This is a human tendency and no one can deny the fact. Therefore, this is the reason why music and dance is prohibited in Islam.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 14:00 [IST]
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