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    Favourite Food Items Of Hindu Gods

    By Staff
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    Often devotees get confused thinking which sweet or food to offer their favourite Hindu god. We all know some basic favourite foods or sweets of some gods. For example, most of us know that Lord Ganesha loves to eat modak and ladoo (motichur ka ladoo). Even Lord Shiva devotees know that the Bholenath loves bhang, dhatura, thandai and white sweets.

    Similarly, there are many other dishes that can be offered to the gods if you wish to get their blessings. For example, Lord Krishna is also called as Makhan Chor as he loves butter and other dairy products. So, devotees of Krishna impress Him by offering various dairy products.

    Here are some of the favourite foods of Hindu Gods that you can offer during your prayers. So, if you want to seek the blessing of the Lord and please Him, then feed or offer their favourite foods mentioned below in the article. If done with true devotion and a clear selfless heart, you will surely be bestowed with the blessings of Him.

    Favourite Food Items Of Hindu Gods:



    Milk is offered to Lord Shiva as well as Ganesha. It is believed that both Shiva and Ganesha love milk.



    Lord Ganesha loves ladoo and that is why, it is also known as God's favourite sweet. It is a versatile sweet that can also be offered to other gods.


    Red Lentils

    Lord Hanuman and Surya Dev love red lentils. It is often offered to God by mixing with jaggery and water.


    Yellow Lentils

    Lord Vishnu is impressed when you offer yellow items. Yellow lentils, jaggery, yellow ladoo, etc. are considered the favourite dishes of Lord Vishnu.



    Bhang (a drink made from hemp leaves) is associated with Lord Shiva. He is a Hindu god who can be offered hemp leaves. You can also offer sugar, curd and dhatura to win Lord Shiva's heart.



    It is one of the favourite dishes of many Hindu gods. Jaggery can either be mixed with milk or lentils, or simple offered as a sweet to the God.



    The aromatic flavouring spice is offered to Lord Shiva and Surya Dev. It can either be offered raw or mixed with milk.


    Black Sesame Seeds

    Black sesame seeds are loved by Shani Dev, Rahu and Ketu. All the three like black items.


    Mustard Oil

    Apart from lighting diyas with mustard oil, it is also offered to Shani Dev to reduce the side effects of Sadi Sati and impress Him.



    Rice and dal are two spiritual food items which are offered during pujas. Rice and dal are offered to Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Krishna and Shiva. Even raw rice is mixed with sugar and offered to Lord Shiva and the moon.



    Lord Krishna loved butter and hence is also called as Makhan Chor. He can also be impressed by offering other dairy products like curd and cream.



    Lord Ganesha is also offered modak. The white sweet dish is widely found in Maharashtra where the devotees of Ganesha prepare the sweet especially to celebrate His birthday (Ganesh Chaturthi).

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