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Aura Exercises You Can Perform

A lot of seers, sages and scientists alike have believed in a certain mystic energy emanating from the sun. This certainly doesn't sound surprising, particularly noting the fact that the sun is our only source of energy and everything around us, including our own life, is mystic in its entirety. We never know what the future holds, neither do we know what actions of the past manifest in the present. While such is the case, scholars from all walks of life have a distinct understanding of the working of sunrise and sunset, the significance it holds and the kind of energy experienced. As far as aura goes, sunrise and sunset are two times in the day when it is easy to feel and experience the aura of the universe and our own bodies.

Here are three aura exercises you can perform.

The tree Glow:

This is an amazing way to feel the aura of trees. Here is what you do..

During the hours of dawn, choose a tree that sits nicely against the background of the sky. Focus on the center of the tree trunk, envisioning the texture and structure of the trunk. Once done, focus on the sky against which the tree rests. Keep doing so repeatedly, focusing on each of the subjects in consideration for at least 5 minutes. You will be able to witness a white glow around the tree trunk. The glow will be faint but distinct. Remember, it takes intense concentration to observe aura energies of things around you, including feeling your own aura energy. Many scholars suggest that only a mind that is complete control- a ind that has understood the art of meditation, can be able to witness visual spectacles like these.

Your own aura:
During the hours of dawn keep your hand in front of your face, say about thirty centimeters away from your face. Now stretch your fingers in such a way that you are able to see the sky in front of you. You must be able to see the sky through your fingers. Upon deep concentration , you will be able to witness a stark glow around your fingers. Once again, it requires deep concentration and focus. The glow will appear thin, but can be felt.

The concept of witnessing Aura, although acknowledged, is questionable. Scholars claim that it takes a highly trained and controlled mind to experience the energy that lies embedded in our own bodies.

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