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What Does Your Birthmark Mean

By Staff
What Do The Different Birthmarks On Your Body Mean | BoldSky

You may have come across a lot of people who tell you that your birthmark indicates an omen, and some may say that it brings luck. Well, unfortunately it is a mixture of both, good and bad luck. It is said that our birthmarks are leftover from a past life/ re-incarnation or they are the result of events that happened to the mother while carrying her child or actions she took during her pregnancy. Our birthmarks get their name from one simple reason, do you know what it is? Read on - These fancy marks on our body are present on the skin either before being born or soon after birth.

Experts say that our birthmarks have been called a sign of good luck or they are the mark of the devil. In the world, almost every being has a heart shaped, strawberry shaped or an irregular shape of birthmark on their body. They will appear light or dark and also vary in size too.

In different cultures, there are a number of beliefs based on folklore and superstition related to birthmarks. Let us take a look at what your birthmark means, depending on where it is located on your body.

A birthmark at the stomach or abdomen indicates that you are a greedy and a selfish person. It also indicates towards your having good appetite. Your digestive system is good.

Near the mouth

While a birthmark near the mouth adds to the beauty of a woman, it also adds to her personality traits. It means that the woman is sensitive as well as talkative, indicating towards her innocense. If a birthmark is at the same place foe a man, it means that the person will get to enjoy lots of wealth and happiness throughout the life.

On Right Cheek

A birthmark at the right cheek in case of a man, indicates that the person is passionate about everything he does, be it his work or hobby. And for a woman, it means that she will enjoy a a healthy relationship with her spouse throughout the life. So,an advice, men must not miss out on such women.

On The Left Cheek

While a mark at this place also adds to your beauty, ladies it also indicates that there is a hidden reason because of which you feel depressed, though you might not have realised it till now as it is there with you since the time you were born. So, you should try to set your heart free so that it can draw itself away from any chances of depression.
And for men,it indicates that they might face financial difficulties in life. So men with a mark at this place must start saving.A

Under The Left Breast

The results for this location of the birthmark is the same for both men ad women.
This location of the birthmark indicates two good results. One is that they achieve success in everything they try. The other good sign is that they have a very good sense of humour. So overall you are a wonderful person.

Under The Right Breast

A birthmark under the right breaast too brings goodn results. It indicates that the person will enjoy agood fortune be it a man or a woman.

So, whether you have under the left breast or the right one, the results will be same for both men and women.

Centre Of The Chest

A birthmark at the cAentre of the chest is not good. Indicates that the person will not enjoy good luck and fortune in life, results being the same for both men and women.

On The Chin

Mark at this place indicates that the person is a hot tem-pered person, in case of men and for women it means that the person is the bread winner of the family.

Right Side Of The Forehead

A birtmark at the right side of the forehead means that the person, whether man or woman, has great mental power.

Left Side Of The Forehead

A mark at the left side of the forehead means that the person is a spendthrift. So a amarka this place becomes a hindrance to one.

Centre Of The Forehead

A birthmark at the centre of the foerhead indicates that the person is easily attracted towards the opposite sex and will have many love affairs in life.


A mark at this place for men indicates the man spends lot of time at home only, looking after the children and maintig the disciplne. A similar mark on a woman's hand means that she believes in being independent and is a career oriented person.

Jaw Line

This indicates a bad health and a disorderly lifestyle for both the genders.

On The Back

A mark at this placAe indicates that the person is honest and open minded. He or she can be relied upon for fairness in dealings.

Left And Right Hands

If the birthmark is on the fingers of the hands of a man or a woman, th person does not like to be dependent on anyone. They live as per their means and their rules.


In case of a man, a mark at such a place indicates that the person loves to travel. A similar mark on a woman's feet tells that the lady is a person of action.


A mark at the left shoulder indicates that the person will have to face financial crisis, whereas such a mark on the right shoulder is aan indicaion towards a good fortune.


A birthmark at the legs means that the person is unable to make decisions on one's own. Hence this is not at all a good sign. Such persons must start taking their decisions themselves.

On The Nose

Those with a birthmark at such a place means that the person is very creative and the bearer of unpredicatble characteristics. The majority of people are born with a birthmark located at this place.


Thogh last but not the least, a birthmark at this palce is an indicator of good luck, great wealth and happiness.

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