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Spiritual Remedies For Delayed Marriage

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These days getting married at an older age has become a rising trend. We can blame the multi-culture as well as the impact of westernisation that has changed the social norm. Getting married at a later age is a personal choice. But, there are few people whose marriage is getting delayed day by day. Even after constant search, they are not getting the right partner.

Many a times, the reason behind the delayed marriage goes back to some problems that can be spiritual too. For example, Pitra dosh or Sarpa dosh can be one of the primary reasons behind delayed marriage. So, here are few spiritual remedies to help you find your life partner at the earliest.

Spiritual Remedies For Delayed Marriage

Spiritual remedies for delayed marriage:

Pitra dosh: Pitra dosh is one of the causes of a delayed marriage in Hinduism. It is not a curse of the ancestors but the bad deeds done by them that are harmful for the coming generations. You can nullify the pitra dosh and reduce the punishment by performing good deeds (karma).


  • Donate money, clothes or food to the poor and needy people.
  • You can also make rice balls (pakoras) and feed cows, crows and fish on Saturdays.
  • Shiva Abhishek is another remedy to nullify pitra dosha. You can either do it with a priest or do it yourself. You need to worship the Shiva lingam and use few items like milk, curd, coconut water, flowers, honey, sugar cane juice etc. to bathe the idol. Do this ritual on Mondays or Saturdays.
  • Worshiping Shani Dev is one of the best spiritual remedies to get rid of pitra dosh and reduce the degree of punishment. To impress Lord Shani, pray to Lord Hanuman or chant the mantra, Om Sham Shanaish-charaya namah.

Sarpa dosha: It is the curse of the snake god that can be one of the reasons behind a delayed marriage. People who have to hurt or killed snakes are cursed. The hurt serpents curse the people and this becomes a dosh. Sarpa dosha or the serpentine curse basically brings obstacles in life, especially if you are planning to do something good like a new business or wedding. It is believed that sarpa dosha is so strong that it will haunt or effect you even after your death (in next births).


  • Worship Lord Subramanya (also known as Lord Kartikeya or Lord Murugun). Lord Subramanya is considered as Sarpa Dosha Nivaraka. To get rid of any serpentine curse, worship Subramanya, the serpent deity.
  • Offer milk to snakes. You can either visit serpent shrines or pour milk on the snake that covers the shiva lingam with its hood.
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Shani Dev to nullify Sarpa Dosha.

Apart from trying these spiritual remedies, chant this mantra;

'Kaatyaayani Mahaamaayey Mahaa YoginyaDheeshwaree
NandaGopasuta Devi Pati Mey Kuru Tey Namaha'

This is the mantra for marriage. Chant this mantra every day 27 to 54 times in front of your 'ishta devata' (Cherished divinity).

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