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Sacred Objects In Hinduism

Hinduism is a sacred religion. In Hinduism, many things are considered holy. Hindus do not just worship idols of Gods and Goddesses, but also consider few objects as sacred. From small basil plant to the vermilion powder, these small sacred objects have a spiritual significance. Fire, wind, sun and soil are considered holy in Hinduism.

Rituals that might look strange to other people are respected and considered sacred in Hinduism. For example offering prayer to the river Ganga every morning and evening is a ritual practiced by Hindu saints (pandits). Even devotees offer flowers, light a diya (earthen lamp) and worship to Maa Ganga regularly. Similarly, worshiping trees and plants like Peepal tree and basil plant is considered good in Hinduism. Devotees who worship Lord Vishnu also offer prayer to banana tree.

Such objects are sacred in Hinduism and people have faith in it. Even animals like cow is considered very holy in Hinduism. Metals like gold, silver, copper, iron and brass are also considered holy in Hinduism. Take a look at the most holy objects in Hinduism.

Sacred objects in Hinduism:


Banana tree

Devotees worship the banana tree every Thursday by offering turmeric, jaggery and chana dal. You can find this holy Hindu tree in many gardens.



It is the sacred object that is applied by married women. In Hinduism, a married woman's forehead especially center-parting is never left plain. It is always red with bright vermilion. Vermilion is also offered to Maa Kali, Durga and Lakshmi.



Many gods and goddess idols are decorated with small bindis. This sringar item is mostly used on goddesses and Bal Krishna (Gopala) idols.



You can find decorative rangoli in many house entrances. It is considered holy as the bright colours brings positivity and brightness in the lives of people.



The precious metal is one of the sacred objects in Hinduism. It is considered as the symbol of wealth. People offer gold to gods and find it as a ritual that should be practiced.



Offering silver coins and jewellery is a tradition in India. In most of the temples you can find silver coins that are offered to idols. Even during Dhanteras, people buy sacred metals like gold and silver as it is considered lucky.



Most of the Puja items like the kalash are available in brass as it is considered holy. Even idols, yantras and accessories are made of brass.



Basil tree is a sacred plant in Hinduism. Married women worship tulsi plants to have a happy married life.


Betel nut

In pujas and hawans, betel nut is offered by Hindus. It is considered holy and pure. Betel nut is also offered to Lord Ganesha.


Betel leaves

Betel leaves are a sign of purity and any Puja is incomplete without betel leaves.


Mango leaves

It is one of the sacred objects in Hinduism. The fresh leaves are hanged at the door entrance before any puja is performed.



Turmeric powder is offered to Lord Vishnu and is very sacred especially in the Southern states of India.

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