7 Religious Symbols & Their Significance

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Religious symbols have a huge role to play in any culture. There are signifiers that convey the emotions without works. They are also markers that help in marking the religious places on the Earth. For example, when you see a cross on top of a building, you know its a church.

Here are some religious symbols from many of the major religions across the globe.

Religious Symbols

1. Star Of David: The 6 pointed star is sign you cannot miss especially because of its abuse during the Holocaust in Hitler's reign of terror. The great Jewish King David, used it as a symbol of protection in ware. The two inverted triangles signify that there is both good and evil within a man.

2. Swastika: Right after the star of David comes the Hindu religious symbol, the swastika. It was borrowed and misused by Hitler as a symbol of his Nazi party. It is a actually a Hindu religious symbol of peace and prosperity. It is drawn with vermilion on kalash (holy pots) and outside homes.

3. Fish: The fish was the first symbol in Christianity to represent Jesus. The earliest Christians wore a fish instead of Cross. The Cross was then a religious symbol of oppression because Christ and his apostles were crucified by the Romans.

4. Crescent Moon & Star: This is the most commonly known religious symbol of Islam. It is the exact shape of the moon with a star in its loop that decides the declaration of Eid. It also marks the beginning and end of the Islamic lunar calendar.

5. Om: This is actually a letter in the Sanskrit alphabet but is one of the most important Hindu religious symbols. When you pronounce 'Om', it comes from the core of your being that resides in your navel (Kundalini). So it represents the wholeness of the Universe and projects the Hindu dictum of 'unity in diversity'.

6. Yin Yang Symbol: The great religion of Confucius in China has the popular Yin and Yang symbol. This Taoist religious symbol that represents the male and female energies in Universe, is quite famous in pop culture. The inverted and contrast of light and dark colours builds an intriguing aura around this symbol.

7. Cross: The Cross is probably the most popular religious symbols in the world. This religious symbol in Christianity came into the limelight after the Roman Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity in 3000 AD. However, the symbol existed much before Christ and was used as a motif of decoration before. Today, we see it as a reminder of Christ's suffering so that we remain humbled by his sacrifice.

These were some of the most interesting religious symbols in the world and also their significance. Bringing all these symbols together will truly bring peace to the world.

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