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Life is full of colours. Colour can influence our mood and work majorly. Do you know that each day in a week is presided by some planet in our solar system? These planets are very strong and have a huge influence on our lives. Each planet has an influencing colour. There is a definite colour for each day too. According to Hindu mythology every day in a week has a presiding God of its own. Wear the colour for each day to remain connected with the planets and increase your prosperity.

Sunday- The week begins with Sunday and this day is ruled by the centre of the solar system, the Sun. The colour of the day is red and hence you can wear anything in red to influence the planet. You can also go with yellow or orange to please Surya Dev.

Monday- The colour of this day is blue, silver or light grey. Monday is presided by Lord Shiva and he is offered blue flowers in prayer. Monday is ruled by the Moon or Chandra. So dress in the colour of the day to appease these Gods.

Tuesday- Tuesday is observed as the day of Lord Hanuman. Dress in orange or red shades to impress him. At the same time the planet of this day is Mars, the colours of whose are not much different from that of Lord Hanuman. Mars is usually considered as a destructive planet. Wear anything in pink or red to impress this planet.

Wednesday- Mercury is the planet of this day. Go green on this day to impress the planet. According to Hindu mythology, this day is extremely auspicious to begin any work. Wear something in green to increase the chances of your success. It is again the day of Lord Shiva.

Thursday- The colour of this day is yellow. This day is presided by the planet Jupiter which is considered as the teacher of all Gods. It is said that if you wear yellow on this day and offer prayers to both Jupiter and Laxmi then you are sure to be blessed with wealth.

Friday- Wear sea green, blue or white to pacify Lord Shukra or Venus. Wear these colours and offer white flowers to the lord to gain his blessings. These colours will surely benefit you in a positive way.

Saturday- Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn. It is believed that this planet can cause distress to a person for a long period of time. To avoid his evil influence get dressed in black, blue, indigo or dark grey.

Wear the colour assigned to each day to avoid troubles and increase your prosperity and success.

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