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To Keep Calm In Chaos - 8 Spiritual Ways

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Keeping Calm Spiritually
Chaos in life is common to all. Life reveals its different phases exposing one to pleasant sails as well as roller coaster rides. Chaos in life are inevitable and it sucks one's energy and positivity. So, how is one to be calm? Spirituality aids in bringing about a certain calmness amidst chaos in life.

Here are a few spiritual ways to keep oneself cool, calm and collected amidst chaos.

Acceptance, the password to peace

Acceptance of the situation is the first and foremost step in handling problems. The first impulse of a person, however, while encountering a difficult phase in life is to react. Acceptance makes room in the mind to look into the depths of chaos. We do not have a choice other than to accept situations as they are right there glaring at us. With acceptance, one is all set to keep calm in chaotic situations.

The reactive mind, culture it.

In truth it is the reactive mind which adds on to the existing chaos. The more the reactive mind is cultured, the more there is a scope to analyse issues. Resort to Yoga and meditation. They help to slow down the mad rush of impulsive, reactive thoughts and to keep calm.

Look within

While the problems threaten from outside, solutions come from within. So look within and watch your thoughts. Watch your fears and anguish. They are basically thought forms. This helps one to stand aside and calmly look at the issues to act accordingly rather than wallowing in the puddle and react.

Do not judge

Be a witness to the chaotic reactive thoughts owing to getting entangled with the external problems. However, do not judge. Judgement triggers the working of the reactive mind. Solutions are bound to surface by just being aware. Awareness creates a certain detachment from the chaos, fostering calmness. From calmness surfaces the right solution to problems.

Act not React

In awareness lies all possible solutions. It helps one to be alert to act spontaneously. One will have to understand the difference between acting and reacting. Acting is a positive way of handling issues while reacting has a flavour of panic which keeps peace at bay.

Allow it to settle

Allow the chaos to settle without the interference of the reactive mind. By allowing there is clarity. Clarity helps one to act tactfully while keeping calm.

Give it time

Time has in it the magic of setting things straight. A simple understanding that all experiences are bound to pass simply mellows one to understand and accept situations and keep calm.


Surrender is the most effective of all spiritual ways to instill calmness. By surrendering to a higher power, or to existence itself, brings in a transforming peace and calmness.

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Story first published: Monday, September 12, 2011, 15:50 [IST]
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