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Aditya Hrudaya-A Sadhana

By Staff

The Four Characters at Play

Sri Rama is looked upon by all of us as an epic personality, the Supreme Divinity manifest on earth. But, He is not outside the world of human. He has asserted only his human form to fulfill his mission. Like any other mortal, He has lived a life of enquiry; He has done his sadhana. He has gone through tragedies and sorrows, depressions and despondency. He has also moved from darkness to light.

One such occasion, when He lifted His spirits up, was the time when he was initiated to Aditya Hrudaya" by the sage Agastya.This was during the short respite in the battle between Rama and Ravana

At the said juncture in the battle, the great warrior,the mighty armed Sri Rama was fatigued badly. He was dull, depressed and lost in worry, anxiety and grief. He was at the end of his wits.

But, Ravana the king of demons with full of vigour, was ready to take on Sri Rama. The sage Agastya. the learned Rishi was luckily one among the distinguished gathering, which had assembled to witness the great war. He knew the way out and was eager to initiate Sri Rama to that knowledge, Aditya, the one who was there from the beginningless beginning, the witness for all happenings in this universe .

The kind Agastya walked to Rama during the brief interval of rest. He spoke to Rama the glory of Aditya. His immense powers manifest in the universe, both in the gross and the subtle forms.

The Supreme Effulgence, the sole accomplisher, the great executive and also His omni-potence, omni-presence, omni-science and His all pervasiveness were introduced to Rama. Rama listened to Agastya with attention and understood the supreme divinity. The illustrious Rama with one-pointed devotion, gazing intently at Aditya, recited the hymn. He became free from worry; felt himself fortified and experienced the supreme felicity.

The mighty Rama then picked up His bow. With self-confidence, eying Ravana in front of Him, with delight, moved forward to fight. He was determined to put forth all his efforts to annihilate Ravana.

In the meanwhile, what did Aditya. who was witnessing the drama. do? He came to know that the destruction of the demon king was nearing. He looked at Rama cheerfully and then exclaimed at the top of his voice "Hey ! Hurry up !"

This is the narration of events in 'Aditya Hrudaya' found in Yuddha Kanda of Ramayana.

To Be Continued

About the author

This article is written by B.Nagendra

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 10, 2009, 18:01 [IST]
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