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Dr. Eben Alexander: The Neurosurgeon Who Saw God In A Near Death Experience

It is a common practice to decry the NDE, or what is called the Near-death experience as a figment of imagination or the altered reactions of brain due to extreme stress during death. There are scientists who have come up with their own scientific explanations for this realm of reality. Of them, Dr. Eben Alexander, the world-famous neurosurgeon with a 25-year experience, was the foremost medical pioneer, who relied on logic and science to understand the facets of life. . With his innumerable presentations on his subject, and the books that he authored, he proved how well he understood the human brain to its tiniest details. A situation occurred in his life, to which he could neither apply logic nor science to comprehend what was going on, inside him

Alexander's Encounter With Death

Dr Eben Alexander was one of those neurosurgeons who earnestly believed that NDE only feels real but it is a highly stressed reaction of brain to death. Sometime later, he contracted a rare illness of bacterial meningitis, from a lethal strain of ecoli due to which he slipped into a deep coma and spent a week in this condition. Doctors were totally sure that he would not survive this bacterial attack and even if he did, he would be bed ridden throughout his life. A primary part of his brain that governed its activities, shut down due to which Dr Eben' ability for expression was lost. Doctors, fully giving up hopes of his revival, were about to pull out the vent at which point, Eben woke up, fully alert, with no signs of meningitis, hale and hearty. Not only this, he described what had happened when he was disconnected from the world for a brief moment when his thoughts and emotions had stopped functioning. Eben Alexander is a living medical miracle who travelled far away from earth, into the other realms, and met the primordial source of the universe.

How Alexander was Transformed?

Sp far. Alexander had no belief whatsoever in anything that did not come under the purview of science and the medical discipline. Today Alexander is a realized surgeon who knows that death is only a transition and God and Soul are not philosophical terms but they are absolute truths of human existence. Innumerable encounters with death are recorded from individuals so far and you can now give them the credibility they deserve. He has provided such a proof for the existence of heaven in his book "Proof of Heaven" such that no scientist or a rational thinking person can deny it.

His Books On NDE

His experiences are recorded in his books Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven and his latest book entitled "Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Heart of Consciousness," He explains his encounter with the divine consciousness blow to blow in his wonderfully clear description. With this book, Dr Eben has changed the way we view spirituality and NDE in particular. Proof of Heaven was on the number 1 position for more than 40 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list.
He had heard several cases of NDE from his own patients but had dismissed their experiences as fantasy or near-death hallucination. In his interesting book "Living in a Mindful Universe," he explains in good detail what the reality from the other side is all about and what we need to understand about it.

Story first published: Sunday, January 22, 2023, 20:42 [IST]
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