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What Happened To Krishna's Parents?


Lord Krishna was the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that he will take another form in Kalyug as Kalki to recover the cosmic balance and restore Dharma on earth. Here is one information on what happened to Krishna's parents after Lord Krishna.

Did he ever meet them after the battle of Kurukshetra was over? Could he ever live with them again? Could they live with him in Dwarka where his kingdom was established after the Kurukshetra war? Here we explore the topic.


Krishna's Mother Yashoda

It is said that Lord Krishna met his parents for the last time before the Kurukshetra war. It is said that when he went to meet his mother later she was already on the deathbed. The biggest regret she had was that despite Lord Krishna having 16,000 wives, she could not get to see any of his marriages and neither could he live with his wives. It was then that he gave her the boon that she would be able to see all his marriages in his next life. That is how he was born again as Venkateshawara and she as Vakuladevi.


Krishna's Father Vasudev

As we know that Lord Krishna was once hit by an arrow on his leg, and this is when he finally left the world. It is said that when Vasudev heard the news, it came as a jolt to him and he died. Thus, Krishna's father Vasudev died after Lord Krishna left his human body after he was hit by an arrow and returned to his original form - Vishnu.


Krishna's Mother Devki

That was not all; the news of Lord Krishna and Vasudev's death was unbearable for Krishna's mother Devki. As a result, Devki committed Sati because of that.


Krishna's Father Nanda

Though no sufficient sources are available about the whereabouts of Lord Krishna's father Nanda, it is said that he was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. Hence, it is believed that Lord Shiva's Ganas (assistants) came and took him away to Lord Shiva.

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Story first published: Friday, November 30, 2018, 18:03 [IST]
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