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The Tao Way of Journeying-Short Story

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Tao Way
Tao means 'the way' A short Tao story reflects the truth.

A young man who wanted to take a look at the statue of Lao Tzu, the Tao master, set out one night on his embarkation. The statue was atop a hill, a hundred kilometers away and the path to it was rugged and risky to embark in the night. Hence after having gone a few kilometers he decided to wait until day break to pursue with his journey.

As the young man sat by the roadside, an old man came by and made enquiries. He then persuaded the young man to go along with him, to the hill, promising rest whenever he wanted to.

The young man agreed and the two set off on the journey. The path was beautiful and the old man readily agreed to rest whenever the young man wanted to. The two then reached the hilltop where the statue of Lao Tzu stood. A sense of utter fulfillment brimmed the young man's heart on his mission being met.

The old man stoked, “Get up. What are you resting for? The journey is not over. It does not end with this. The path is beautiful. You will have to pursue it. There is nothing called the goal, but only the path!"

A short story that kindles the spirit of Tao in all spiritual seekers.

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Story first published: Monday, August 1, 2011, 18:50 [IST]
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