The Sufi Way Of Hearing The Truth-A Short Story

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Osho says that a matured mind sees the truth in an instant.

One night a Sufi master, who was standing near the window, summoned one of his disciples near him.

When all the other disciples watched in surprise, the master said something and pointed out to the sky to the disciple.

When the disciple returned, the fellow disciples found him to be transformed and hence enquired about what the master had told him.

The disciple said, “I heard the master call me, and I was so brimming with silence without any thoughts. When he pointed out to the moon, something in me opened up"

He continued, “I know I will now have to take efforts to retain it, for I have seen it only through the master's eyes. I will have to look at the truth through my eyes to abide in it"

A short story that indicates the truth that tuned mind is ready to receive the truth.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 30, 2011, 11:21 [IST]
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