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The Eternal Witness

Spirutual Witnessing, osho
There is nothing that can be kept away from God as God is the essence of everything. A short Sufi story relates the truth.

There were two disciples who approached a Master in order to know the eternal truth. The master handed them each a dove and asked them to kill it when nobody is watching.

The first disciple stepped outside the house, and finding nobody on the road, killed the dove.
The second who went away with the dove vanished for three years. The master wondered as to where he had gone.

After three years when the disciple returned, he told his master, “I could find even s single place where He was not a witness, even in places where there were no people. Everywhere I went He was watching me from within me. When I closed my eyes, he was watching me from inside. I am sorry I have returned back having not accomplished the mission!"

The master was very glad. “I accept you as my disciple. I am rejecting the other. You have understood the secret of meditation. Always be aware of this witness and you will find God!

Osho says one can hide something from others but never from oneself as it is not in the object but in the very subject itself and it is there where God is.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 15:00 [IST]
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