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The Stripes Of The Chipmunk

Ramayana, Chipmunk stripes
Greater is the attitude than the action!

An episode in the Ramayana reveals the truth.

Lord Rama had to cross the ocean that divided India and Sri Lanka to recover His wife, Sita who was abducted and held by Ravana. Hence a bridge had to be constructed to traverse the vast expanse of the ocean.

Lord Rama's army was engaged actively in building the bridge. They started piling up stones and logs, soil and sand to bridge the gap.

One day Rama's army spotted a small chipmunk run back and forth, rolling itself in the sand and scurrying to the bridge and shaking itself there.

Somebody asked him, “Hey what are you doing?"

“ I am helping Rama build the bridge," prompt came the reply !

As soon as the chipmunk uttered these words, there was a guffaw of laughter.

But Rama's outlook to the chipmunk's action was different. He said, “Blessed be this little chipmunk! His help is great as yours and he is great as anyone of you!" Saying so Rama picked up the little animal and stroked it gently.

That is how it is believed that chipmunks got their stripes!

It is thus attitude and not action alone that determines the depth of the work.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 16:56 [IST]
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