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7 Fancy Furniture Designs For Indian Homes
Indian homes are a showcase of rich tradition and cultural heritage. Due to the diverse cultures and variants of arts across the country, you get to see exotic and splendid decor styles in common Indian homes, with an outstanding blend on ...
Seven Fancy Furniture Designs For Indian Homes
Why People Eat With Their Hands In South India
India has been divided into four different regions - East, West, North and South. Each region has its own etiquette, customs, lifestyle and food habits. Apart from these differences, their eating habits are also totally different. However, with the advancement of ...
Customs And Traditions Followed During Christmas
Santa Claus rides his sleigh and comes to all the children throughout the world to deliver the Christmas gifts. His bell rings and with his loud laughter "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Christmas comes to all of you with winter breeze, snow, family ...
Customs And Traditions Followed During Christmas
Significance Of Aksharabhyasam
In the Hindu religion, every occasion is celebrated with auspiciousness and purity. ‘Aksharabhyasam' is one such occasion that denotes the starting of writing for a child. Read along to know the significance of Aksharabhyasam. From an ancient time, education has been ...
Significance Of Aksharabhyasam
Bizarre Traditions From Around The World
Culture and tradition are two of the most important factors that define our human race. We tend to follow the culture and rituals that our ancestors have been following without really knowing the real significance behind them. Some of these rituals ...
Bizarre Traditions From Around The World
Why Is Ram Navami Celebrated?
There is no lack of festivals in India as the people of the country know how to spend life in pomp and vigour. They know that thorns will be there but it is important how you can turn each day of ...
Why Is Ram Navami Celebrated
Interesting Golu Theme Ideas For Navratri
Golu is a kind of doll arrangement which is a vital part of dushera and navratri celebrations in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Golu is also known as “Kolu”. Bommai Golus are considered to be prized possessions of a household. ...
Weird Marriage Traditions Around The World
Every marriage which is celebrated around the world is beautiful in its own little way. Every religion has its own way of celebrating marriage and some, which have been listed below, are pretty weird. These weird marriage traditions around the world ...
Weird Marriage Traditions Around The World
Why Do Indian Women Cover Their Head And Face?
Indian women have always been labelled as traditional. Covering heads, wearing bindis, laden with ornaments, traditional clothes and so many other things set Indian women apart from the rest. The practice of covering heads in India has been a matter of ...
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