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No Mind-The Realm of Reality
Continued from the previous part-Dissolve the mind The No-mind is ThatThe mind in this alert state is a mind at meditation. The mind at meditation is no longer a thinking, projecting, conditioned mind. Where the mind has thus dissolved itself, ...
No Mind

Bhagavad Gita's Message Of The Lord's Love
The Supreme Lord is not only a perfect Law Maker but also a strict Law Administrator. It is said that even a blade of grass doesn't move without His permission. Kathopanishad says that He stands like a terror with a raised ...
How To Dissolve The Mind To Abide In Consciousness (Brahman-Hinduism)
The Four Veils Over RealityLet us now see how we can annihilate, or dissolve the mind. The mind - with its thoughts, perceptions, and projections - exists only because of four interpretations; quality, activity, adjective and relationship (guna, kriya, visesa, sambhandha).Because ...
The Mind Consciousness Brahman
Practice Of Vedanta-Part II
Continued From Part I Religion chastens life in the individual, and through individual perfection, brings about a brightening of the quality of man's communal living. This glow in living life is called culture. Encourage listeners not only to study the ...
Practice Of Vedanta-Part I
For Mission Members - Swami Chinmayananda'The goal, which we aspire to reach and accomplish, is to bring about an ardent Hindu awareness in the Hindus, and to integrate their attitudes and efforts. To preach and teach the great thoughts of the ...
Vedanta Practice Chinmaya Mission
The Highest Truth-Part II
Remove the MindThe projecting, conditioned mind is to be destroyed, annihilated, and transcended. If the mind is to be exhausted, the various spiritual disciplines (sadhana) that have been prescribed have to be followed. The process by which the mind ...
The Highest Truth
All Upanishads are attempting to say what they consistently are unable to express - the Inexpressible - for the 'Truth' never can be expressed in words. Language (sounds or words) and our experiences of the 'Infinite' belong to two different categories. ...
Highest Truth No Mind One Reality
Move Ahead With Failures!
"He who believes that change is antecedent to rise will never give way to despair" Swami ChinmayanandaOne who has determined to rise will not be discouraged by the occasional falls enroute. They are unavoidable in every path. How many times the ...
Veda Vyasa - Part II
The Brahmasutras Continued From Part I When Vyasa had finished, he must have sat back and thought, "What have I done? Who is going to benefit from this book? May be only a handful of people in the whole ...
Veda Vyasa Brahmasutras Puranas Advaita
Self Effort, The Sure Way To Success
"Nothing worth achieving can be achieved without self effort. " - Swami ChinmayanandaWhen we flip through the pages of history, we find that every remarkable feat or achievement was preceded by great obstacles and strong resistances - physical illness, insufficient funds, ...
Surrendering The Ego
"The attitude of egolessness is the secret of unveiling the nobler and the dynamic in us." (Swami Chinmayananda) There is only one thing that the infinitely compassionate Lord demands from us - the surrender of our ego. To do the rest ...
Surrendering Ego
All Is Truth-Part II
Continued From Part IRelationships with TruthThus, three kinds of relationships with Truth are possible as explained in the Ramayana, where Hanuman, the greatest devotee of Shri Ramachandra, describes his relationship with Sri Ramachandara.Hanuman says, "0 Lord, at moments when I am ...
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