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Swami Chinmayananda

The Transient Life
When the transience of life is understood in all its depth and significance, material possessions are viewed merely as gifts granted for temporary enjoyment- Swami ChinmayanandaA man once went to an exhibition mela along with his son, five years of age. ...
Transient Life

Gratitude To God
Let us develop a sense of gratitude to the Lord by focusing our attention on what we have - Swami ChinmayanandaA saint was walking along a crowded road, when his eyes fell on a child begging by the wayside.To each and ...
No Miracles To Achieve Success!
The action of today becomes the destiny of tomorrow-Swami Chimayananda In life, there are no miracles. When we choose our goal and work for it with all the necessary zeal, dedication and single pointedness, we undoubtedly reach the goal.Let us make ...
Achieve Success 120711 Aid
Ageing Gracefully In Indian Culture-Four Divisions
Ageing gracefully was inherent in Indian culture. Shiv Swarup Agarwal, the author here discusses the misinterpretation of the four divisions or the Varna Dharma.Misinterpretations of fundamental concepts and consequences thereof:Hindu children attending English medium schools, were systematically fed with gross misinterpretations ...
Swami Chinmayananda-Dynamics of Togetherness
Continued from Nation buildingI am not one of those who do not believe in the necessity for social revolutions, nor am I blind to the urgency of planning for my country. The tragic poverty of Bharat must be removed and national ...
Swami Chinmayananda Dynamics Togetherness
Nation Building-Swami Chinmayananda
Continued from 'Individual Freedom'At least in our present state of National emergency, we must pause for a moment, and watch ourselves and ask - "Are we really a nation?" "Can we today call ourselves people?"Is there in us a ready capacity ...
Individual Freedom
In all periods of history great thinkers had contemplated for long and conceived plans for the progress of man, and the sum total of it all is the civilization or culture that we have now come to live as our inheritance. ...
Individual Freedom
Thinking Mind And Spiritual Practices
No religion can give it to you because it is already yours. You 'are already That. Transcend the thinking mind. You have no enemy other than yourself, and no friend greater than yourself in this process. If , for example, you ...
Love And Lust-What Is True Love?
Love creates and lust destroys the peace in the heart of a man. Swami Chinmayananda In true love, the mind always derives inspiration from something higher. In Sanskrit, it is referred to as Bhakti. For e.g. Desha bhakti, Matru bhakti, Guru ...
Love And Lust What Is True Love 02
Silent Mind Reveals The Brahman
Transcend the Thinking Mind Look around with a silent mind. There is nothing but the Brahman everywhere. Every object is nothing but the Brahman . The world when see through a quiet mind (silent mind) is the Brahman. Hush the mind. ...
Swami Chinmayananda-The Legacy
Many knew him. Many revered him. Some remained sceptical. Some chose to dissent. But few disagree that the man called Swami Chinmayananda left an indelible mark in the minds and hearts of the people of India and of seekers of the ...
Swami Chinmayananda The Legacy
To Go Within And Not Without
Without I go only to come down; Within I go only to rise above. (Swami Chinmayananda)Giving reality and importance to things, beings and happenings wherein one believes that the solution to all problems lie outside oneself is to go without. .. ...
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