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How Effective Is Bloodletting Therapy?
Ever heard of withdrawal of blood from the body to prevent or cure illnesses? If not, then you will be surprised to know that an ancient system of medicine called bloodletting has made way into modern medical science. Bloodletting is giving ...
Bloodletting History Uses And Benefits
What Are The Best Exercises For Obese People?
The world is changing fast and so are we trying to grapple with the changes. These changes have brought a sedentary lifestyle, increased caloric consumption and reduced the calorie-burning capacity. This article will talk about how to reduce obesity by exercise. ...
This Is One Major Risk For Prostate Cancer In Men
Men who are tall and obese may be at an increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer as well as death from the condition, according to a study. The findings showed that with every additional ten centimetres (3.9 inches) of height ...
Tall Obese Men At Increased Risk Of Aggressive Prostate Can
India Had Second Highest Obese Children In 2015: Study
India with 14.4 million had the second highest number of obese children in 2015, after China with 15.3 million, a study has found.The study showed that in 2015, excess weight affected 2.2 billion children and adults worldwide, or 30 per cent ...
Obese? Weight Loss May Prevent Knee Joint Degeneration
The more weight obese and overweight individuals lose, the better it could be for their knee joints, new research suggests.Being overweight or obese can place extra pressure on joints and cartilage, causing them to wear away. In addition, people with more ...
Obese Weight Loss May Prevent Knee Joint Degeneration
Obese Kids At Four-Fold Greater Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes Later
Children with obesity face four times the risk of developing Type-2 diabetes later, compared to children with a body mass index (BMI) in the normal range, warns a new study.For the study, published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society, the ...
Discrimination Against Obese People May Increase Health Risks
Obese people risk getting diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, inflammation and other disorders, if they are discriminated in society, finds a study conducted by an Indian-origin researcher.The study suggested that those who experienced weight discrimination over a 10-year period had twice ...
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