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Which One Is Better? Regular Coffee Or Black Coffee
Are you a coffee lover and can't start your day without a cup of your morning coffee? It is the most essential component for your survival, isn't it? But, how do you like your coffee, black or with milk? This article ...
Which One Is Better Regular Coffee Or Black Coffee

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Camel Milk
You may have heard of new food trends which are cockroach milk, plant-based milk like algae milk and oat milk. Camel milk is the new trend that has entered the wellness world. In this article, we will be writing about the ...
Milk That Is Rs. 3,000 A Litre Is Making Indians Happy!
There is a sudden trend that makes people go berserk when they suddenly realise that there are health benefits to something that is entirely new. According to researchers, drinking camel milk has never been a trend in India, at least that ...
Camel Milk Costs 3000 Rs Is On Demand In Usa
Is It Normal For Breasts To Leak During Pregnancy?
Broadly speaking, the changes that happen to you during your pregnancy may be physical or emotional in nature. Talking about the physical aspect, a major chunk of all that happens actually goes on inside the body with you being the only ...
World Milk Day 2018: Which Milk Is Healthier For You?
The Food and Agriculture Organization of WHO marked 1st June as World Milk Day. Interestingly, the World Milk Day event does not follow a specific theme worldwide. Instead, different countries around the world get to pick up a theme of their ...
World Milk Day 2018 Which Milk Is Healthier For You
Why Cockroach Milk Is The Next Superfood?
This might come in as a surprise to most people that cockroach milk is the new superfood and could be the next dairy alternative. It doesn't look appetising, does it? In general, insects like grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles, spiders, ants and termites ...
Does Milk Help You To Improve Your Skin Tone?
Milk is something which can be found in every household in India. Apart from being a healthy beverage, milk also has several beauty benefits. It works amazing on the skin. Since milk is enriched in lactose, it is one solution for ...
Does Milk Help You To Improve Your Skin Tone
10 Health Benefits Of Dalia With Milk
Health enthusiasts are familiar with this food called 'Dalia'. As everyone is going with the trend of maintaining a healthy living and making certain dietary changes, choosing a nutritious meal is considered a healthy trait, which is something like a bowl ...
Is It Healthy To Drink Packaged Milk Without Boiling It?
Milk is considered as an extremely integral part of the daily diet. It has been an age-old custom to include regular intake of milk on an everyday basis, because of the high levels of calcium in it for healthy bones and ...
Is It Safe To Drink Packaged Milk Without Boiling It
What Happens When We Drink Milk After Eating Chicken
It is a popular belief that the combination of certain foods and drinks, due to their properties, are not recommended for human consumption. Even the principle of Ayurveda states - 'Foods requiring different digestive environments need to be consumed in isolation.' ...
10 Glutamine Rich Foods You Should Know
I am sure you must have heard of the different kinds of amino acids found in the body. One of the amino acids that we are talking about is glutamine. It is the most abundant non-essential amino acid that helps to ...
Glutamine Rich Foods You Should Know
12 Healthy Foods Rich In Iodine
Iodine is one of the most vital minerals which is responsible for thyroid function, supporting a healthy metabolism and preventing cancer. It helps in the growth and development of the body. Iodine is considered an important mineral when it comes to ...
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