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Hormone Therapy May Increase Risk Of Hearing Loss In Menopausal Women
Using hormone replacement therapy drugs are likely to increase the risk of older women becoming deaf, warns a study.Hormone replacement therapy is treatment with oestrogens, the female sex hormone, with the aim of alleviating menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and ...
Hormone Therapy May Increase Risk Of Hearing Loss In Menopau

How Veggies Can Cut Early Menopause Risk?
A single daily serving of vegetable protein from foods such as whole grains, soy and tofu may protect women from early menopause and could prolong their reproductive function, researchers say. Early menopause, the cessation of ovarian function before age 45 affects ...
Alcohol May Cause Muscle Loss In Post-Menopausal Women
Post-menopausal women who indulge in heavy alcohol consumption may be at a higher risk of developing sarcopenia -- the loss of muscle mass and strength -- which may lead to cardio-metabolic diseases and disabilities, researchers say.Sarcopenia is an age-related process that ...
Alcohol May Cause Muscle Loss In Post Menopausal Women
10 Reasons Why You Are Sweating At Night
Everybody sweats; yet there is always a difference in the way people sweat, as it can't be the same for everyone. Are you dripping in sweat every night? There are a few people who experience sweating while at sleep. Sometimes, people ...
What Is Vaginal Atrophy & What Causes It?
With age, many changes occur and one of them is vaginal atrophy in women. What exactly is it? This condition makes the skin around the private parts dry and thin. The elasticity of the tissues decreases and this causes discomfort. In ...
What Is Vaginal Atrophy And What Causes It
Dietary Vitamin D Could Lower Risk Of Early Menopause
A high intake of dietary vitamin D and calcium may be associated with lower risk of early menopause, the cessation of ovarian function before age 45, says a study.Early menopause affects about 10 per cent of women and is associated with ...
Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy May Increase Hearing Loss Risk
Far from reducing the risk of hearing loss, hormone therapy after menopause may actually aggravate the problem, and the risk tends to increase with longer duration of use, suggests new research.The results challenge findings of previous studies that suggested that menopause ...
Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy May Increase Hearing Loss Ris
Common Symptoms Of Menopause In Women That You Must Know
All women certainly experience menopause and this is inevitable. There are also many unwanted symptoms that comes along menopause. These symptoms occur during the premenopause stage and can occur a few months to four years before the last periods. The symptoms ...
Women; This Is One Major Risk For Depression During Menopause
Women who experience multiple traumatic events during childhood or adolescence may be at an increased risk of depression in the years leading into menopause known as perimenopause, a study has showed. The findings revealed that women who reported two or more ...
Teenage Trauma May Up Depression Risk During Menopause
Methods To Reduce Memory Loss After Menopause
There are several symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, dryness and many more. But for some people, losing the period will be similar to losing your mind. Forgetfulness is one of the common symptoms during menopausal years and many ...
These Nutrients Are A Must-Have For Women During Menopause
Extreme hormonal changes is one of the worst problems that every woman undergoes as she approaches menopause. This leads to several health issues. In such a condition, taking care of the food that women include in their daily diet can make ...
Must Have Nutrients For Menopausal Women Iron Vitamin Calcium
Risks of Vaginal Tightening Surgery
Vaginoplasty is a surgery done to tighten, reshape or repair the structure of the lady parts. It can be done to correct the structural changes which are a result of a disease, accident or childbirth. It is also opted by men ...
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