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Can You Feed A Baby When He Has Hiccups?
A baby is the like the working model of every fully grown human being. The little one would have all our mannerisms and gestures - only more cuter. Whenever a baby hiccups, it's the mother who gets more restless, not the ...
Can You Feed A Baby When He Has Hiccups

10 Easy Home Remedies For Hiccups
Hiccups is a natural common problem that can happen at any time and become extremely uncomfortable while it lasts. Hiccup occurs when there is a sudden contraction of the diaphragm and as the diaphragm contracts, you breathe in the air very ...
Natural Ingredients To Get Rid Of Hiccups In Seconds
You are in the middle of a meeting and suddenly you get a hiccup that becomes uncontrollable. Despite several efforts you are not able to control them. Embarrassed, you need to walk out of the room in the middle of the ...
Natural Ingredients To Get Rid Of Hiccups In Seconds
10 Tricks To Stop Hiccups Naturally
Hiccups are unexpected, out-of-the-blue 'hic' sound, caused by the contraction of the diaphragm (the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen). These spasms can be caused by the malfunctioning of the vagus nerve, which are the same ones that make ...
10 Home Remedies To Stop Hiccups Immediately!
Hiccups are involuntary spasms of the diaphragm and respiratory organs, which occur with a sudden closure of glottis and a characteristic gulping sound. This spasm is common and not alarming to one's health. Hiccups can make one feel terrible, even though ...
Ten Home Remedies To Stop Hiccup Immediately
Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Hiccups Instantly
What causes hiccups? Well, they are a result of contraction of the muscles around your diaphragm. When that happens, you tend to breathe fast. When the air hits your vocal chords, a hiccup comes. Generally hiccups are harmless. Sometimes, they may ...
Simple Tips To Stop Hiccups At Home
Hiccups are involuntary, repetitive and uncontrollable contractions of the muscles of diaphragm. Diaphragm separates the chest from the abdomen and helps us in breathing. Hiccups create an uneasy and annoying feeling. And they are embarrassing too as they might also ...
Simple Tips To Stop Hiccups At Home
12 Ways To Naturally Prevent Hiccups
Hiccups could never really be prevented. However, there are certain things you can do to prevent the onset of hiccups if you are prone to getting bad attacks. The main cause of hiccups is because of sudden temperature changes and speaking ...
10 Brilliant Home Remedies For Hiccups
Hiccups are a common problem most of us face. Hiccups are mostly caused when there is an interference in the normal functioning of the diaphragm of the body. The interference can be caused due to several reasons including going too fast ...
Brilliant Home Remedies To Cure Hiccups
Hiccups Causes & Symptoms
If you have ever wondered why you get hiccups then it is time to answer your questions. Hiccups are generally said to occur after a big meal and is caused by a dome-shaped muscle in our chest called the Diaphragm. The ...
Get Rid Of Hiccups In Ten Easy Ways
Hiccups are the most irritating and embarrassing thing to happen to anyone. It can happen at any time, suddenly and when it starts it just does not want to stop. Have you faced hiccups at a meeting or in a social ...
Get Rid Of Hiccups Home Remedies
Surgery For Hiccupping British singer
London : A British singer, who has been hiccupping non-stop for the last 15 months, is set to undergo an operation to cure the condition. Christopher Sands, who tried all remedies-- from old wives' tales like eating honey while hanging upside ...
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