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Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bathroom Odours
Bathroom odours can be quite a hassle, especially when you have guests at home. If you want your bathroom to smell good and fresh, then here are some of the kitchen remedies or ingredients you can use to get rid of ...
Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bathroom Odours

Tips To Clean Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Most of us use wooden spoons, forks and ladels at home right? Take a walk to your kitchen and smell your wooden spoon or fork. Does it smell of curry, does it smell stale and does it look old and yucky? ...
6 Ways To Keep Your Bed Clean
Not keeping your home clean will invite unnecessary visitors. Not keeping your bed clean will make a home for bed bugs, a nasty looking bug that will make your home smell and destroy every piece of furniture too. It is important ...
Tips To Keep Your Bed Clean
Golden Rules For Cleaning Your Home Everyday
Rules we all must follow whether at work or at home. Keeping your home clean is one of the things we all must keep in mind. When we keep our abode clean we are keeping away all types of rodents which ...
Disinfect Your Home Naturally After Illness
The only way you can protect the members of your family from falling ill is to disinfect your home. On the other hand, if there is someone unwell in your home, disinfecting the entire house will help to keep the rest ...
Tips To Disinfect Your Home Naturally After Illness
Quick Remedies To Kill These 6 Pests
It is time for you to take a serious step to get rid of those pests at home. If you don't find a solution in terminating them, it will cause a serious health problem for you and the family. Having an ...
House Cleaning Tips With Soap Nut
Washing Nuts or Ritha / Reetha /Aritha (in Hindi) or Anthwaal (Kannada) - these are some of the terms this nut is referred to most of the time. Did you know soap nut is an effective natural ingredient you can use ...
House Cleaning Tips With Soap Nut
Ways To Clean Bronze Idols Or Statues
Cleaning a bronze statue is not at all easy. There are a lot of things you must follow when wanting to clean an idol to make it shine. At the time of festivals, cleaning the idols is a must before you ...
5 Ways To Use Sugar For Cleaning At Home
Sugar is one of the main ingredients which is present in almost every home. Sugar is a sweet kitchen ingredient that is normally used in food or beverages to make the item taste sweet and yummy. However, did you know that ...
Five Ways To Use Sugar For Cleaning At Home
10 Easy Ways To Clean Your Home Naturally
The moment you walk down the cleaning products’ section of the supermarket, you would want to get everything possible to keep the home clean. There are separate products for kitchen tops, floors, glassware, tables, mirrors, stoves and much more than you ...
Tips For Kids To Keep Their Study Table Clean
Remember the days when you were repeatedly asked by your mom to clean up your study table? And that table would never be cleaned. It used to seem to be such a magnanimous task. It was so easy to just go ...
Tips For Kids To Keep Their Study Table Clean
Excellent Ways To Use Baking Soda To Remove Odours
Bad odour is a really annoying thing especially when it's present in your home. It spoils mood and gives a nauseating feeling. It is hard to find out the actual source or origin of these foul or bad odours in the ...
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