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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Marijuana
Marijuana, scientifically termed as cannabis is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant. Used for medical and recreational purposes, marijuana receives negative backlash due to the 'recreational' property of it. However, consuming or smoking marijuana can benefit your health in various ...
Cannabis Extract Can Be Dangerous, It Increases Cancer Risk
Cannabis are dangerous not just for your brain but it also increases the risk of cancer. A recent study has found that the vapour produced by a cannabis extract contains benzene and other potentially cancer-causing chemicals. The study by Portland State ...
Herbs To Boost Lung Health And Heal Respiratory Infections
Viral and bacterial infections are on the rise these days and this has given rise to several symptoms of respiratory infections. If you're trying to counter this problem with antibiotics, then it'll add up to more problems like antibiotic resistance and ...
Herbs To Boost Lung Health And Heal Respiratory Infections
How Cannabis Can Kill Cancer
Among the deadliest diseases these days, cancer tops the list. Though some other diseases are also in the list, but many of them are curable in the end. It is not that medical science has not been trying to find a ...
How Cannabis Can Kill Cancer
Cannabis Use Linked To Brain Abnormalities
Long-term, heavy cannabis users are likely to have structural abnormalities in brain, says a new study. The new study led by Murat Yucel, Ph.D., M.A.P.S., of Orygen Research Centre and the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre at the University of Melbourne, Australia ...
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