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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the most common diseases among women in the World. Several measures are being taken to spread Breast Cancer Awareness, medical researches for Breast cancer treatment are constantly being improvised and there are several organisations which work towards the cause. Know all about Breast Cancer prevention, symptoms, treatment and more in this section.
Vitamin D May Help Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer
Also known by the name 'sunshine vitamin', vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin produced by your body when exposed to sunlight. It can also be attained from certain types of food and supplements. Posing several health benefits to your body, the ...
Vitamin D May Help Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer
Thermography: Procedure, Benefits & Risks
One of the best imaging methods currently being used in the medical sector is thermography. This method is used to assess the temperature of various areas of the body. Increased metabolism due to inflammatory pathologies or muscle spasms can lead to ...
14 Fascinating Benefits Of Galangal
Resembling ginger in so many ways, galangal or galanga is a part of the ginger family. The rhizome is known for its ability to heal a number of health problems, without the burden of any side effects. Scientifically termed as Alpinia ...
8 Benign Breast Conditions That Are Not Cancer
October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month; it is a worldwide annual campaign which involves thousands of organisations that emphasize the importance of breast awareness education and raises funds for breast cancer research. In this article, we will be writing about ...
Benign Breast Conditions Are Not Breast Cancer
Can Dense Breast Tissue Turn Into Cancer?
Going by what doctors say, women with dense breast tissues are at an increased risk of breast cancer. Dense breast tissues are detected via a mammogram. A few other imaging tests are also recommended to women who have dense breast tissues. ...
What Really Causes Blood Clot In The Breast?
Blood clot in the breast or otherwise referred to in medical terminology as "breast hematoma" can be caused due to various reasons. Breast hematoma happens when there is bleeding within the breast tissues which cause a collection of blood to be ...
What Really Causes Blood Clot In Breast
Breast Implants Can Be Fatal, Research Claims
According to latest data, the disease is now more common than imagined. According to findings revealed last week, atleast one in 3000 women undergoing a breast implant has been associated with BIA-ALCL (Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma), which is a form of ...
Breast Implants Can Be Fatal Research Claims
10 Health Benefits Of Cottage Cheese Or Paneer
Almost in every type of Indian cooking, cottage cheese or paneer is used. Cottage cheese or paneer as it's most commonly called is a favourite among the vegetarians. Cottage cheese is used in any gravy or dry preparation and is used ...
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