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Oral Bacteria Can Affect Your Gut: Study
Bacteria in any form is dangerous. The moment it affects your body parts it can be harmful and causes serious implications. A new study has found that bacteria residing in your mouth may be responsible for the inflammatory bowel disease, as ...
Oral Bacteria Can Affect Your Gut

How To Prepare Your Own Mouthwash To Kill Bacteria!
Your mouth is a home for nearly 500 different species or types of micro organisms. And when the harmful bacteria dominate, dental issues like periodontitis, gingivitis and plaque may occur. Regular brushing and flossing are the basics of oral hygiene. But ...
Natural Mouthwash To Kill Bacteria
Tips For Muscle Soreness In Rainy Season
When it rains, the weather turns pleasant. But in the monsoon season, when it rains for days together, certain health issues could arise. In some, skin issues may arise. Also, water-borne diseases spread in the rainy season. Even mosquitoes tend to ...
Is It Safe To Reuse Bath Towels? No!
Is it safe to reuse bath towels? How often should you wash your bath towels? Well, most of us seldom have the time to think of this matter. But it is important. What's the problem with towels? Firstly, the texture of ...
Is It Safe To Reuse Bath Towels
Here Are The Side Effects Of Using Lubes!!
Are lubes safe? Actually, the human body has the capacity to lubricate the delicate gential parts during intercourse. But in some cases where dryness becomes a problem, using a lube may help. What causes dryness? Well, factors like ageing, nursing, medication, ...
Reasons Behind Bad Vaginal Odour
Are you wondering what causes vaginal odor? Or are you wondering whether there are types of vaginal odor? Well, firstly, what causes the smell? Yeast and bacteria present in and around the private parts may cause the smell. When the microbes ...
Reasons Behind Bad Vaginal Odour
When Is The Right Time To Shower? Morning Or Night?
When is the right time to shower? Morning, evening or night? Well, some people feel comfortable to take a bath in the morning whereas some prefer evenings. For some, morning showers work well as they prepare them for the work day. ...
Can Tight Clothes Cause Urinary Tract Infection
With the monsoon climate, comes the risk of urinary tract infections too. Moisture is the best friend of bacteria. When the humidity in the air is more, it isn't advisable to wear tight clothes. According to reports, one women among every ...
Can Tight Clothes Cause Urinary Tract Infection
What Causes Sickness During Pregnancy?
Are you frequently feeling sick during pregnancy? Pregnancy could be a vulnerable stage. That is the time many changes occur inside the body and cause trouble initially. Those very changes could also make you fall sick often and catch infections. The ...
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